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dS Smash Ultimate Tournament Thread
Vespi Blue Sparx Gems: 871
#1 Posted: 16:45:16 01/11/2018 | Topic Creator
Hey all,
I didn't want to put this in the Smash topic because I didn't want it to be buried in Direct hype and also because I need to pick your brains for some information.
I'm planning on hosting a Smash Ultimate Tourney for darkSpyro users once the game comes out! To give plenty of time for users to get the game and unlock characters, I'm planning on hosting it in late December or early January, that way most everyone will be on some sort of winter break and people can get the game for the holidays. I haven't gotten direct permission for it from anyone other than a mod, so unless dark52 himself tells me no, there will likely be a prize. I don't want to reveal what that prize is just yet, so in true Sakurai fashion, please stay tuned.

In order to organize this tournament efficiently, I would really appreciate if you fill out this form (and please note it is NOT spoiler free), so I can know your preferences for a tournament, and if one is even possible. There's some bonus data at the end too, just for general dS purposes and to see how many people will play what characters, etc. As the TA, I will only host the tournament, likely through a Nintendo Switch Online lobby.

This is an online tournament, so you must have Nintendo Switch Online to participate! I cannot stress this enough, if you do not have Nintendo Switch Online, there's nothing I can do to help you get in. In addition, this is for darkSpyro users only! Your siblings, parents, friends, etc. can spectate, but they can't join.

If I gather enough data where I can formally make a tournament, then I will update this topic when I can with rules, possible times, stuff like that. So please fill out as much of the form as you can.
KrystalLBX Yellow Sparx Gems: 1073
#2 Posted: 17:10:01 01/11/2018
I will try to join if I get Nintendo Switch Online
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somePerson Emerald Sparx Gems: 4656
#3 Posted: 17:13:32 01/11/2018
make it double elim. stages used shouldnt be limited omega and alpha stages as there are more tourney legal stages in this game like yoshi's story and smashville. also im not against having a tourney day one.
Vespi Blue Sparx Gems: 871
#4 Posted: 17:24:20 01/11/2018 | Topic Creator
Quote: somePerson
make it double elim. stages used shouldnt be limited omega and alpha stages as there are more tourney legal stages in this game like yoshi's story and smashville. also im not against having a tourney day one.

Double elimination completely skipped my mind but that's entirely what's intended, along with best of 3. I'd love a tourney day one too, but I'm making it later in the year/early next year since there's a good amount of people that could get it as a holiday gift, and on top of that I want to make sure most people have at least their mains unlocked.
King-Pen Krazy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1882
#5 Posted: 18:01:26 02/11/2018
I'll try, I'm gonna pre-order the game for sure, I just need to get enough to get myself Nintendo Switch Online for a year and I'm good
Rise and Shine Ursine
Vespi Blue Sparx Gems: 871
#6 Posted: 23:13:09 05/11/2018 | Topic Creator
Slight bump, but I'm proud to say I've received permission from dark52 for a suitable prize. If we can get a tournament off the ground, the grand prize will be a $20 Nintendo eShop gift card, with second place receiving a $10 Nintendo eShop gift card! If you are outside of the United States, I'll figure out what the equivalent for that prize would be, but that's what you all will hopefully be competing for!

I can't wait to see the heated battles that will take place! My goal is to get a total of at least 11 responses (since I filled one out as a test), to gage interest, so please take the survey if you haven't already!
zookinator Emerald Sparx Gems: 4201
#7 Posted: 01:40:09 13/11/2018
I wouldn't mind joining. Might be a smart idea to give a few days for those who might be getting the game on Christmas, considering the way they made to unlock fighters. I'm not sure if that restricts our fighter usage in the online mode, but might as well not take the chance.
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