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Skylanders SuperChargers iOS applicaton is gone?
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#1 Posted: 17:25:03 24/10/2018 | Topic Creator
I have noticed that they completely removed the Skylanders SuperChargers iOS from the app store. Oof. I found this out when my a friend of mine had bought a starter pack (which cost him over $100 dollars for him, haha, that sucks for him) only to find the app could not be installed anywhere. smilie

But who has actually played the iOS version before? What was your experience with it? Personally, I thought it was alright, except for the fact that it made my phone overheat. I had a lot of fun playing it, and I will greatly miss the app.
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#2 Posted: 21:07:46 24/10/2018
I think it's been gone for a while just like the rest of the mobile games.
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#3 Posted: 23:10:44 24/10/2018 | Topic Creator
Rah- that's so sad. Activision, why....
"The trouble with quotes from the Internet is you never know if they are real."-Abraham Lincoln, 1861
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#4 Posted: 23:32:14 24/10/2018
Actually, that's a really interesting one because the servers are still up for it.
(That vehicle mod update either doesn't exist or is also taken down or something though, so no using this to access those and put them on toys. Rip vehicle mods still.)

I think it has something to do with required downloads, 'cause I find the game redownloading levels I've already played, but it's still weird they kept up the iOS server of all servers.

HIHD said it looks like a hi-rez Wii game which imo isn't far off. (But I'm just playing on some random iPad Mini and I'm sure it looks better elsewhere.)

I replayed it last month or something and I actually enjoyed it. For all its flaws, and trust me there's still a lot, you can feel the effort. It's just a shame a lot of it was misguided. Structure of the game still totally lets it down and you can still feel the lack of replay value for characters. And the vehicles themselves are still kinda weird. And I still think it doesn't really do anything clearly the best (I think there's stuff it might do best, but I don't feel any of it is inarguably best, other than path swapping existing).

Feels weird liking this game, I kinda feel at peace lol.

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#5 Posted: 05:22:23 20/01/2019
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