Which was your favourite Year of the Dragon homeworld?
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Post things that make me ANGRY
kardonis Emerald Sparx Gems: 4498
#1 Posted: 14:37:09 11/10/2018 | Topic Creator
This won't be much of a challenge
My soul's been wandering through time, it's given me this strength of mine, How I am standing here today, is I'm no longer kept at bay
Buchi Green Sparx Gems: 133
#2 Posted: 14:49:16 11/10/2018
Dark Cloud is bad.
Chaotic is bad.
Infinity Blade is bad.
Storm Hawks is bad.
Burn Notice is bad.
DjtheSdotcom is bad.
Deadman Wonderland is bad.
Death is just a heartbeat away~
Bolt Emerald Sparx Gems: 4629
#3 Posted: 17:57:55 11/10/2018
**** you storm hawks is an amazing show why would you even say that
it's no use crying over lost kittens or spilt milk
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