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its time for skeleton memes
Vespi Blue Sparx Gems: 973
#1 Posted: 22:54:12 09/10/2018 | Topic Creator
its october post some here

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]
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Buchi Green Sparx Gems: 417
#2 Posted: 00:03:10 10/10/2018
I've got a perfect skeleton-related music video that I will probably post on Halloween. I'm kinda empty in the meantime though.
Aspirat primo fortuna labori. Me duce tutus eris. Vox populi, vox dei. Ad meiorem, dei gloriam. Ad infinitum.
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kardonis Emerald Sparx Gems: 4968
#3 Posted: 00:34:09 10/10/2018

Somebody say skeletons?
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