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Waifu Insult Topic 2: Insult Buchi's Waifus!
Buchi Green Sparx Gems: 417
#1 Posted: 14:28:26 07/10/2018 | Topic Creator
Many weeks ago I made another topic where I aggressively criticised other people's waifus and how they had somehow ****ed up their life enough to even consider the concept of having a waifu because, as we all know, waifus are for degenerates only. Sadly I was unable to get around to insulting all your waifus (or husbandos in the cases of ShadowMewX and StormDragon21), but as promised, here is a topic where you can freely insult my waifus instead! Because yes, of course I am degenerate enough for this, I have been on darkSpyro for several years now after all.

Although I am still interested in insulting your waifus too since degenerates need to be called out in order to correct their paths in life. So here's the deal: first I will post one anime girl which you can aggressively criticise, but also for every other anime girl you degenerates post, I will post another too. So let's begin. First of all, here's Laura Bodewig of Infinite Stratos.

[User Posted Image]

Laura Bodewig is a character from the 2011 mecha/harem anime Infinite Stratos who can pilot mechs known as (surprise, surprise) Infinite Stratos. Hailing from Germany, she was the failed result of a project to create a super soldier, and has as a result developed a superiority complex. Despite her small boobs and being short, she is incredibly cute and equally badass <3

So, as promised, I will now allow you to berate Laura Bodewig, and will post more for you to criticise as you post them too.

I don't know why this topic seemed like a good idea...
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