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I'm finally becoming a PC gamer!
StevemacQ Platinum Sparx Gems: 5361
#1 Posted: 23:35:45 05/10/2018 | Topic Creator
After I went to the hospital for personal (but not too serious) reason, I decided to go to GameStop and pick up an Piranha 360/PC controller and some Steam credit, that I'll when certain games on my wishlist go on sale, and manage to play some Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign and Aladdin on Steam and GOG respectively.

Obviously, I'm not gonna get into the so-called PC Master Race games like Divinity, Pillars of Eternity and The Witcher but I will play games like To The Moon, The Stanley Parable, Chrono Trigger, some of the Legacy of Kain games and Star Wars Battlefront II (the good one).
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parisruelz12 Hunter Gems: 6402
#2 Posted: 05:46:37 06/10/2018
looks like ive got some things to hd
Samius Hunter Gems: 7495
#3 Posted: 09:29:25 06/10/2018
It's time to download Dwarf Fortress and let your beard grow.
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