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Dawn of the Age of Rise of Spoiler Thread 3: Uprising: Genesis - A SA Thread
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#51 Posted: 13:35:34 05/10/2018 | Topic Creator
I'd just take the time. The season is more disappointing at what it doesn't do than what it does. What it ends up committing to is good, the problem is that it's at the expense of a ton of better things.

The battle in Split literally is the best action scene in the entire show, but it shouldn't have taken 11 episodes to get there.
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Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2558
#52 Posted: 05:20:06 12/10/2018
Nah squeezing in a game or musical chillout session is way better

Seems like they really cut down on the cast which was the main thing I watched for, never really watched for the plot (and even that seems squandered), don't want to skip most of the season nor watch the slog parts, don't wanna watch a show for humor.
If it's my loss so be it, but with other things to fill my spare time, I doubt that. It just sounds like a waste of time to watch this for me, over doing other things.

Frustration at what they didn't do is frustration all the same, and worse to me if anything because a) it shows less ambition b) I'd rather be more frustrated at failures because it's more to think about or laugh at rather than just... "oh, this should have been more." There's so much art that fits the latter and it's just more boring. And I still think being boring is maybe the worst thing art can be.
Plus- and don't get me wrong, with the way I'll ramble, I still enjoyed them a fair bit- I already thought the first two seasons were lacking in spots and S3 sounds just way more lacking. It sounds lacking compared to S1 for me, which while it was noticeably episodic still felt like it did a good job and really tried with what it had. Also it was the first season so issues were way more sensible and forgivable. S3 comes after S2 did well in introducing more characters and less filler, but already underwhelmed with Malefor and mostly set up plot threads with potential to be way more interesting than the past plots. I expected S3 to try cool stuff with those and make Malefor much more important. If they really did just make a whole lot of S3 Kaos x Dark Spyro, god, that's the most boring concept they could have picked other than Status Quo is God (I'm also counting Dark Spyro being there but just literally acting as regular Spyro under SQiG umbrella- but, I guess, at least there wasn't SQiG).

Oh god I just realised I'm more interested in ranting about how I'm not interested in the season than actually watching it. sorry

Anyway, to be honest... It's not even work alone that stops me from this, so I can't just cut down on work even more than I have this week. I spend hours every single day trying to sleep/get out of bed, doing nothing but stressing, contemplating suicide, and thinking about wether I even want to do anything. Trying to do anything else during these times, these days, just locks me up entirely. It's starting to take up more time than my actual work. This has gotten worse and worse and worse over the year (as with everything else) and **** that "keep trying" nonsense when I don't even get so much as credit for when I have tried (and people are suddenly and temporarily sorry or say nothing when I mention that, yippee). : ) Playing Mario Kart Wii or listening to Dark Side or Aja, well, I don't know if they help but I know they at least ground me when I have nothing else. They're safe and they don't feel like wastes of time and since S3 seems like a waste for me atm, well, I'm not exactly in a stable state... Not like it can wreck me but it'd probably just make things worse and I don't need help with that no thank you.
However, as much as I'd love to speak up about my actual life rather than a cartoon, I know I'm getting off-topic. Last words: **** 2018, worse year than 2016 and nobody is talking about it.
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#53 Posted: 14:58:17 12/10/2018 | Topic Creator
They did too much of Kaos, which is something even the games didn't do wrong. But not by making him annoying or anything, the pirate episodes just spread Horvitz' impact too thin. From Days of Future Crash onwards he's a great character, which just means that they could've spent the other episodes having him actually attack the Skylandes and play off of way better characters than the Doom Raiders -GQ.
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Star Dragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 5078
#54 Posted: 18:32:55 17/10/2018
Just finished the final episode. Full spoilers ahead:
Overall I was very disappointed with this season.

I did enjoy the first and last three episodes. Probably because there were actual battles in those episodes.
I liked how they did the ending of the final episode. A slight cliffhanger if another series happens otherwise a nice goodbye if it's the end of the show.
The Doom Raiders weren't as annoying. I've never really liked them from the start though and I'm glad that they didn't include Broccoli Guy this time as I hate the boring personality they gave him in the show.

The Dark Spyro plot was really drawn out and Strykore didn't do much. Kaosandra also had too much screen time.
I had a feeling it would be revealed Strykore wasn't Kaos' father but I'm not sure how I feel about it being Eon.
No cameos from other Skylanders. All we got were Flynn and Coco.
I wanted the cadets to have more screen time and take part in some of the major battles, like in the final episode against Kaos.
On the subject of cadets, I was hoping to finally see Flashwing in action but she was only in one episode for five seconds!
No one thought about going to save Cynder sooner?

OK think I've finished.
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Deliciouschurro Red Sparx Gems: 30
#55 Posted: 07:49:50 11/11/2018
How do you go a whole Season with Flynn and not have him say "BOOM" once? =/
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6282
#56 Posted: 13:17:05 11/11/2018 | Topic Creator
By writing him well and not like a walking joke that literally brought every scene down with him?

Seriously, Flynn is so good in Academy, because he's the same character but put where he works, not just whenever they need to distract the player.
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