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Level Pack Mystery Chest
TheDoKtor67 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1092
#1 Posted: 20:37:17 16/07/2018 | Topic Creator
Hello guys ! :-) I have a big doubt ... :-S The mystery chests in the two level packs ("Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack" and "Lost Imaginite Mines Level Pack") can be used more than one time ?!? I mean ... if I use the Mystery Chest for the first time on a console (for example a PS3), then can I use the same Mystery Chest on another console for a second time (for example a PS4) ?

Best regards from Modena, Italy.
SoulfulWolf Emerald Sparx Gems: 3522
#2 Posted: 01:32:47 17/07/2018
Yes. You can actually do this with all the chest. Even the blind bag chest. Each chest is one use per profile, but infinite uses otherwise. You can even use it on the same profile again, I believe, if all your save data was deleted for any reason.
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