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Skylanders paint issue, HELP!
chowderberry Gold Sparx Gems: 2019
#1 Posted: 12:40:31 15/06/2018 | Topic Creator
So, a while ago I painted a couple skylanders with testors enamel and they became sticky. Its now been years and the paint is still sticky. Is there any way to get it off, and if so, what paint should I use instead. Help is greatly appreciated.
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4inCreation Gold Sparx Gems: 2919
#2 Posted: 09:24:19 25/06/2018
I would try a mild paint thinner with a tooth brush. You might have to follow that with mineral spirits to get rid of all the gunk. Use soap and water to clean it before repainting. It may be a little damaged from the enamel under the paint, but if it cleans up well enough you should be able to repaint it with acrylic paint.
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