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What if there was a Spyro movie?
Dark Lord Platinum Sparx Gems: 5481
#1 Posted: 18:27:28 10/06/2018 | Topic Creator
Remember, how so long ago that there was a rumored and then announced The Legend of Spyro movie coming out? Eventually production stopped and it never got to see the Dawn... The Dawn of the Dargons.

Purring puns aside, and fast-forwarding to the present, we've been having an influx of ok_hand_sign video game movies and we're having a bunch more video game movies potentially on the rise (For wording sake, don't mean to say these next video game movies will be okay, just that's they're coming up on us it seems but I personally like to keep positive and hopeful since video game movies as of recent have been at the most, okay. smilie) . Like the Mario movie, the Sonic movie, and Detective Pikachu to name. We also had a Ratchet and Clank movie.

I'm putting aside the Tomb Raider and Assassin's Creed movie because those are based to be more reality grounded.

Anyways, with all of these video game movies being based off some iconic character, what would you think of a Spyro movie being announced? What would the plot be? If it was to be announced, do you think it would be during the hype, when they make a completely new game after the Reignited Trilogy, or during the time all these video game movies are being made?

I'm curious of your opinion and what you think would happen, or what it would be like.

I'm personally going to wait until I play Reignited Trilogy to give my own opinion, I want to get to know and play the classics as much as the fans of the classics have gotten to known them, so I'm going to wait on giving my opinion even if that requires waiting three months and maybe more to form it. All I've known is Legend so it's hard for me to say what a movie would be like based around the old, so share your own opinions on it!
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#2 Posted: 18:36:00 10/06/2018
Well, the streak isn't perfect, so LoS written by the Garfield producer is still not a surprise in comparison to Sonic buddy cop movie.

It'd probably be about Reignited Trilogy, cramming all villains' plot in one movie and skipping most of the rescuing dragons part.
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SuperSpyroFan Platinum Sparx Gems: 5730
#3 Posted: 18:58:50 10/06/2018
Well video game movies never really work too well, so it would most likely bomb if it was to happen, and I feel it would hurt the franchise if they're going to give it a go.
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#4 Posted: 09:15:31 12/06/2018
I think LoS could work as a movie, but the original Spyro doesn't have a strong enough story. It's just fun.
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