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Seven years after the game came out, I think I finally get it
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#1 Posted: 03:44:37 18/05/2018 | Topic Creator
I had mixed feelings about the announcement of the Reignited Trilogy. On one hand, the remaster I had been wanting for over 10 years was coming, something I dreamed about but swore would never actually happen. On the other hand... it was being developed by Toys for Bob, the "monsters" behind the franchise that "stole" Spyro away from me for so long. Naturally, I wanted to go through all the Spyro games once again before the release, and figured in addition to the original trilogy, it was about time to dust off my copy of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (which hasn't been played since the game launched seven years ago) and see just what these developers had in store for me. This afternoon I gave Skylanders a second chance, expecting to feel frustrated at how Spyro was misrepresented, the gimmicky toys to life mechanic, and the simple gameplay geared towards children. Instead... I think I may have fallen in love with the whole idea of the game.

I think I get it now, the appeal of upgrading and leveling up figures, the large roster of characters that all play differently and can be changed out at any time (not to mention nicknaming them whatever awful pun springs to mind and wearing ridiculous hats), playing couch co-op with a friend who has their own team of Skylanders, and working together to find secret areas and collectables. I'm not saying the game is perfect- it has it's flaws, most notably the pacing in general (especially when it comes to long, unskippable dialouges that go along with the boring, predictable plot). Still, I had a lot of fun with this game, and will definitely be giving the second game a shot as well. I didn't get all the figures when the game first came out, either, so I look forward to picking up more if I can find them for cheap. Now I finally see what everyone else sees in Skylanders... I only wish I had seen it seven years ago, rather being bitter about it for so long. Here's to the Reignited trilogy- and Toys for Bob.
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