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Mettalic Cynder
FlyingHigh Green Sparx Gems: 370
#1 Posted: 16:54:17 14/05/2018 | Topic Creator
Hey guys smilie I have a question for the very rare purple cynder! If I see pictures and videos from 2012 there I see that the eyes of the figures are totally white! If I look now on ebay every cynder Ifind or found in the last 2 years the eyes are not as white as in the beginning. Does anyone know why it is so?
Matteomax Hunter Gems: 4492
#2 Posted: 19:16:42 15/05/2018
They're totally white normally.

The paint, at this point, is most likely deteriorating / changing color with age, so there's that.
4inCreation Gold Sparx Gems: 2919
#3 Posted: 07:32:11 25/06/2018
Weak white paint formula on top of metallic base coat or residue not cleaned off all the way before applying the white are a couple possibilities.
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