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Sayonara Toys-R-US...
ViDeOmAnCiNi Emerald Sparx Gems: 4110
#1 Posted: 19:12:34 09/03/2018 | Topic Creator

Sources claiming that they could shut 100% of USA stores by next week. BIG sales coming I guess...

End of an era.

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TheToyNerd Yellow Sparx Gems: 1474
#2 Posted: 19:17:46 09/03/2018
Oh ****... this is rather upsetting. I’ll certainly miss going to the store and grabbing random action figures and the like.

That begs the question on who’s going to distribute non-collector’s Toys now? Like, you can easily get statues and the like online, but what about the TMNT, Pokémon, etc stuff? Is that just gonna be set to the wayside?
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Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 5474
#3 Posted: 19:38:53 09/03/2018
Best Buy?

Though so much for "we're just downsizing". RIP.
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UncleBob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4265
#4 Posted: 04:37:51 10/03/2018
Hm. I have $100 in Gift Cards. Guess I'll order something online asap.
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Johnbonne Blue Sparx Gems: 554
#5 Posted: 07:32:00 10/03/2018
I'm gonna miss the environment that is Toys-R-Us, but I don't think superstores dedicated solely to toys is as practical as it once was. With online shopping and toys seemingly having less long-term appeal than before, it might be better to having smaller shops covering a wider area. When I was just a spore, Toys 'R Us was a joy to go to but an absolute pain to get out of. The queues were horrendous, the service was consistently awful, and there wasn't another toy shop like it unless you went to another major city, which wasn't practical just to get a single Action Man and an alien egg.

If I want Toys-to-Life now I have three options: the woeful stock available in Argos, the woeful stock in Smyths (though the shelves are absolutely packed with ordinary normie toys), or eBay. If I want ordinary toys for people who don't like video games, then I have to go to Smyths or eBay. If I want collector's tat, GAME or eBay. I think you can see a trend.

I lament the loss of Toys Am We (as my dad called it), but I hold out hope that people can get their hands on stock that's not available in their country and bring it to those who couldn't get it before. Nobody should have to go without a boxed Enigma.
fairyland Gold Sparx Gems: 2897
#6 Posted: 18:22:55 11/03/2018
Yeah, I knew something was up. I kept missing waves of MLP: Equestria Girls toys and a few other stuff like the last couple waves of TMNT. All stuff that used to be found everywhere at any store but lately none of it never reaches the shelves around here. Not even Target or Walmart! Lately these things have been appearing on Ebay/Amazon at 3 times markup which baffled me as I never saw any of it locally and I'm always out looking for them. I finally discovered a pre-order toy source online which puts a very small mark up over retail on the stuff I was buying locally so it works out, but still I miss getting these thing locally.

I wonder if a smaller KB Toys type toy store would work in this day and age? Probably not as Gamestop and FYE is almost a toy store these days themselves. No one seems to shop locally really. I don't blame them if you cannot ever find what you want other than online.
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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx Gems: 4341
#7 Posted: 20:12:55 11/03/2018
toys r RIP
Halvmorke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1036
#8 Posted: 11:45:45 12/03/2018
Sad but curious, since in Europe it's doing well.
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FrozenLionheart Blue Sparx Gems: 715
#9 Posted: 15:17:29 12/03/2018
Well after the ones in the UK now closing down with ones being completely shut down from this week, it's honestly not surprising sadly, honestly in regards to the company now as a adult I'm not sad to see it go, toys r us were always overpriced (especially with skylanders giants here with their exclusives they charged at least £2 more for a single legendary and the triple pack if I remember correctly was £5 more, other figures may of also been higher in price but hard to remember after what 5 years now?), as a kid I loved the place, also held the original distribution for celebi on Pokémon gold and silver, right outside my local store, and then again for mew for fire red/ leaf green....

All i feel sorry for is the main bulk of the staff in stores/warehouses and at any offices, however I do not feel sorry for the upper management, they are the ones who have let their employees down, and honestly are the sole reason for the fact toys r us will probably go under worldwide, by not being competitive enough with their pricing, people would rather either use the internet for their purchases or go to Smyth's toys here for example due to their better pricing.

And that's not all our closing down sale is around 25%-30% off depending on the type of item being sold, and there was at least 9 found of still being more overpriced than at other retailers... Lego and other companies are having stock recalled to them at present too, so less in stores and the website here is no longer being allowed to be used for sales. Here alone I feel sorry for the at least 3,200 people who work across around 160 stores who are about to start being made redundant... and on top of that not all of them will get their full pension from the retailer, those over a certain age (think it was around 40/50 years old) will receive their full pension, those under the age at the time the action was put in place at the end of last year will receive 90% of it, 10% may not seem like a lot but it all adds up.

It's sad to see it go in regards to the company being in the UK for 33 years and 61 in the US, but honestly expected just due to the fact they are overpriced and there are now so many alternatives to the retailer, weather its online or via other, more competitively priced retailers...

I'm honestly surprised TRU have been able to keep going for as long as they have especially with the internet becoming so dominant over the past decade for shopping, but nothing lasts forever, Claire's supposedly going the same way in the US at least right now, here we are also losing Maplin stores which have been very tech focused stores, now if we can just lose GAME this time round that be great... (would feel sorry for the staff but the company is way too expensive in general in the retail environment) honestly wish they hadn't got saved/bought out at the 11th hour during when they were in administration themselves 6 years ago. At the end of the day I don't see much of a future for retail apart from online/highly focused areas that are meant to be to attract people to like in the west end in London.... Internet is sadly far more convenient, sorry if this post was too long by the way smilie for my first post in a long time, I kinda of got carried away.
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JCW555 Hunter Gems: 4600
#10 Posted: 17:21:31 12/03/2018
This is going to be very interesting for the future of Skylanders. TRU was the one retailer I thought really had Skylanders' back through thick thin, and this is a devastating blow to the Skylanders franchise.
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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx Gems: 4341
#11 Posted: 17:54:59 12/03/2018
(off topic but the title of this topic reminds me of a certain dating sim)
ViDeOmAnCiNi Emerald Sparx Gems: 4110
#12 Posted: 14:14:50 15/03/2018 | Topic Creator
And it's official.. All USA & UK TRU's going away. I guess that the Canada, Australia and asian country TRU's will remain open with business as usual.

35K people losing their jobs by the end of this. Bummer.
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Muffin Man Gold Sparx Gems: 2036
#13 Posted: 15:06:19 15/03/2018
This bites. So what about the more high end action figures that Walmart and Target don't sell? Like Masterpiece Transformers or the Legacy Power Rangers collection? Will they even be released at physical retail anywhere?
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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx Gems: 4341
#14 Posted: 15:19:53 15/03/2018
press f to pay respects
TrapShadowFan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3344
#15 Posted: 21:04:26 17/03/2018
Legendary Skylanders are gonna skyrocket in price in the next year or two.
HeyitsHotDog Emerald Sparx Gems: 3948
#16 Posted: 21:55:59 17/03/2018
So, do we know when all stores will be closed down for good? I hear by the end of April they'll all be gone.
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FrozenLionheart Blue Sparx Gems: 715
#17 Posted: 20:35:56 18/03/2018
Quote: HeyitsHotDog

So, do we know when all stores will be closed down for good? I hear by the end of April they'll all be gone.

April in the UK, by the end of the year supposedly in the US (who get a far better sale overall 50% off whilst 25-30% for UK), I'd expect the rest of the stores worldwide to eventually Asian Toys R Us TRU US has a 85% stake in as the parent company, so expect to see the rest in Europe to crash soon honestly and then probably Asia.... who in Japan are opening mini stores to try and fight the threat looming them according to this article:

If Toys R US get bought out in each different branch it would actually make things harder, as the buyer would have to ask for permission from the parent company in the US to use the name, its why the UK ones are crashing quicker than the loss of the dodo.... another link to that here:

This really feels like Woolworths all over again, but unlike Toys R Us they were actually reasonably priced..... and competitive, I miss the store that used to be on my high road, sigh...
Okaps Emerald Sparx Gems: 4957
#18 Posted: 05:34:35 19/03/2018
[User Posted Image]
KB Toys might be coming back

Can you hear the back flipping dogs?
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Muffin Man Gold Sparx Gems: 2036
#19 Posted: 13:23:19 19/03/2018
There can be only one.
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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx Gems: 4341
#20 Posted: 15:49:38 19/03/2018

save us kb
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