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Extracting Models from Imaginators
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#1 Posted: 02:38:47 20/02/2018 | Topic Creator
Hi everyone... Long time no see.
...So... How've you all been?

...Okay, this might be an odd reason for me to come back, but, I've been considering trying to extract models of the in-game files in Imaginators so that people would be able to use them for stuff like GMod/SFM, VRChat, or whatever they like (if anyone wants to, of course).

So I'm just asking, uh... Anyone know where a good place to start might be? I have a Wii U with the game still inside it, but, I'm kinda worried it might not work since I haven't touched it since I got my Switch... About a year, in fact, and I dunno if the disc would be all scratched or whatnot...
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#2 Posted: 09:52:04 23/02/2018
That will be a tricky one. AFAIK the model format hasn't been cracked.
I'm not sure how much of this discussion would count in the "illegal" bin either :u

As far as your disc, it shouldn't get damaged from sitting in there.
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