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Ask me anything about Skylander figures
zacklar Green Sparx Gems: 214
#1 Posted: 22:02:10 13/02/2018 | Topic Creator
Anything goes, let's share some knowledge
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#2 Posted: 22:41:27 13/02/2018
what makes you so special?
zacklar Green Sparx Gems: 214
#3 Posted: 22:42:42 13/02/2018 | Topic Creator
I am not special, I am just a programmer who has researched a lot
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6343
#4 Posted: 22:59:53 13/02/2018
Uh, sure... Did the Imaginators lineup have placeholder names, like the other games' figures? Not sure if we should be asking how they work or stuff you found in the code(if that's even allowed to be discussed here).
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zacklar Green Sparx Gems: 214
#5 Posted: 00:31:55 14/02/2018 | Topic Creator
I was aiming at the later type of questions yes, i know mostly about how the figures work programatically, i really don't know much about the development process

I would assume they did had placeholder names, since we usually give a lot of placeholder names to functions and variables until they get a bit more significant
HeyitsHotDog Emerald Sparx Gems: 4791
#6 Posted: 00:53:46 14/02/2018
So, like, did you work at TfB or something?
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zacklar Green Sparx Gems: 214
#7 Posted: 03:39:27 14/02/2018 | Topic Creator
Nope, I have researched it all on my own
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2597
#8 Posted: 05:42:13 15/02/2018
How much EXP is needed for each level?

How are quests in Giants and SF stored and ticked? (I assume it's a counter for each quest that can be ticked by the game if met)

In Giants, Quests unlocked the Bronze/Gold/Silver Top Hat for a character you completed them on. How are they locked off? Are there ticks on the character that unlock those hats for use, or does the game just read their rank and lock or unlock the hats on a per-figure basis?

How does the ownership tag work? Does it have an ID written on the toy for the save that owns it, the console that owns it or what? (I assume it's save)

How does the Hero Level work, does it just store an amount of EXP like the regular levelling? And if possible how much EXP does that need, per level or at least to max?

How much unused potential space is on the figures?

Do you know why the games sometimes write bits to the figures that sometimes corrupt them? And I've seen it explained in the past, but it's been a long time, could you explain what makes them corrupted?

Have you ever tried modding the games? It's a pipe dream of mine to mod SA, I have so many ideas for that game and just recently got a Wii to mod (not expecting to crack this game, it's primarily for other mods). I assume you just did the research for fun though, which is cool anyways.

I know this is a bunch of questions but I don't expect them all to be answered haha. Thanks.
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zacklar Green Sparx Gems: 214
#9 Posted: 06:11:51 15/02/2018 | Topic Creator
lvl1 0
lvl2 1000
lvl3 2200
lvl4 3800
lvl5 6000
lvl6 9000
lvl7 13000
lvl8 18200
lvl9 24800
lvl10 33000
--bytes A limit -- 33000
lvl11 43000
lvl12 55000
lvl13 69200
lvl14 85800
lvl15 96500
--bytes B limit -- 63500
lvl16 113700
lvl17 132400
lvl18 152600
--bytes C--
lvl19 174300
lvl20 197500

2._ i would need to do some research on that, i bet they are stored in bytes aside from the SSA bytes though

3._ well, you are giving me a lot of reasons to start doing all those extra missions, i honestly mostly played for the base story gameplay, but i will sure give a try to be able to reply

4._ its indeed stored in the figure, in blocks 8 and 24 to be exact, its a 4 byte sequence and its indeed by save

5._i haven't researched Hero level, to be honest i have no idea in what game its from, if you tell me i can give some research to it

6._ 144 Bytes in two separated areas, to a total of 288 bytes of totally unused space

7._its very likely that the game wrote let's say, EXP points, you remove the figure too soon after that the game didn't had the chance to write the correct checksum for said EXP points, and thus marks it as corrupted, it can easily be fixed by fixing the CRC checksums without the need to reset the whole figure

8._ alas i haven't i mostly do all my research in a WiiU that my bf didn't allow me to hack, but i am curious into what kind of stuff you would like to mod, wii games are pretty much an open book to modders
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Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2597
#10 Posted: 07:37:34 15/02/2018
Thank you again for the answers man. :] It's been so long since I saw this kind of dicussion anywhere outside of Pyrofer's figure tool thread.

Hero Level was part of Skylanders Universe, a closed webgame. Ultimately, it really didn't give you any upgrades, unlockables, etc., it was just something to grind on if you played the webgame. However, it's not just something that was stored online. You can view the stat in SA, and it could be saved onto figures from the webgame with a Portal. These days you can't raise it at all and any new figures are stuck at 0, since it was only used for Universe. It should be possible with figure save editing, but I've not seen anyone mess with it. Unfortunately I don't have any figures with Hero Level data to potentially dump (I've reset and replayed everyone so often that it's all wiped by now; I may have a Sprocket with the data on it, but I seriously doubt it). You could reach a max Hero Level of 50 and gain more experience by eating elemental plants and playing minigames.

If I could mod it the main things I'm pining for are difficulty options and path switching, those are the ones I think would be realistically possible anytime soon and difficulty option would probably increase my playtime more than anything. I imagine difficulty in particular you could do just editing some damage numbers, even though the AI would still be really basic it'd be something; I'd already have messed with that on the PC version and seen if I could make anything work, but that is frankly a terrible port of the game so I still wouldn't play it. Unfortunately the farthest I've gone with any kind of "modding" (emphasis on the quotes, because it was just looking through files and drawing) was a few textures for Minecraft a few years ago so yeah I don't really have any skills to make anything new unless it's something visual.
I have bigger ideas like porting the Giants Heroics and PVP maps to SA, level cap to 20 (though I imagine it's simpler, it's still probably out of my realm), implementing plants into SA that increase the Hero Level (and make HL increase health, so it actually has a purpose)... but those and more are the "pipe dream" parts I expect will never happen. If I buckled down I certainly have the free time and I think I have the dedication to mess with difficulty if nothing else.

Online would be on my list too but, heh, that might actually be possible (though flawed) right now. I can't test this yet though, because if online for SA is possible, it'll be region-locked, and I'm waiting to get an NTSC copy in the mail. Don't happen to have any PAL friends with modded consoles. If you want more info about SA online I'll PM you about it, I know talking about that is OK here but I'm not sure I can post the link to more info.

And ey man the Wii is going for about $20 now (without cables/controllers/etc, not sure how much they'd be with them). If you want to mess around on the first two games further, you can always get one of them (I know some of the later games are on Wii too, and I haven't played them, it's just they're generally regarded as bad ports and barely anyone plays them, so I don't think there would be any audience if they were modded). I'm glad you could mess around a bit though.

Edit: I forgot, re- figure corruption, the reason the PC version of SA is awful is because it frequently corrupts figures. Leave them on the Portal, corrupted in seconds, in my case. Spitballing, maybe it's an issue with the game refreshing andor reading the Portal exacerbated by something with my PC (I know it corrupts figures for many people, but rarely to this extent). It's definitely an issue with the PC version alone. But it's not always caused by removing figures while stuff like experience or gold is going on them, because from my experience the PC version was so bad about this that eventually I couldn't even move around the hub without it happening, and it happened before I could pick up anything. I also didn't try messing with any files or stuff on it so... maybe there could've been some copy protection that did that, but if so, it triggered from nothing.
I should also mention that once, my Dark Spyro was "corrupted" according to the PC version but then played as if nothing happened back on the Wii version, so eh. I've also had the console versions say figures are corrputed when it was just metal intefering once or twice, when I had to keep my Portal right next to the TV, but I'm positive there were no metal objects around the Portal when I played the PC version. Regardless of what it is, I haven't played the PC version in years, so I could easily be misremembering some details... but I definitely remember a few times I tried to pick it up again to beat it and figures got instantly corrupted, games asking to reset them.
you ever realise smilie can t-pose AND dab at the same time
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zacklar Green Sparx Gems: 214
#11 Posted: 15:30:50 15/02/2018 | Topic Creator
I see, the web game, I didn't had a chance to play it, I started to play skylanders quite late, when imaginators was announced, but the technology and the thing of the figures intrigued me and made me want to tinker with them

Raising difficulty by making enemies deal more damage and resist more should be easy to mod, I think even adding a path switching option shouldn't be hard (and in worst case scenario you can use my tool which literally is just, click read, click path, click write)

Adding support for hero level would be a bit harder because we now even lack the details of is workings since its dead, adding online to Wii games is impossible though, Nintendo servers for Wii/DS consoles are already shut down

You know, I do have a hacked wii, if you are up for it we can research together and try our hand at modding skylanders games

And about this SA pc version corruptaton, lemme get it and I could indeed see the activity going between portal and game tip see what's corrupting the figures so bad
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crstofer Emerald Sparx Gems: 3898
#12 Posted: 13:37:11 16/02/2018
"modding skylanders games" - do u mean figures and or game? Please tell us how u plan to do that ?
StormDragon21 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3470
#13 Posted: 19:12:59 18/02/2018
What are the shortest and tallest possible combinations for a Swap Force skylander?
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zacklar Green Sparx Gems: 214
#14 Posted: 05:51:36 19/02/2018 | Topic Creator
do you mean as in figurewise? which combination has the least centimeters and which the most?
StormDragon21 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3470
#15 Posted: 23:43:37 19/02/2018
Quote: zacklar
do you mean as in figurewise? which combination has the least centimeters and which the most?

"sTORM, my parents just told me something that RUINED MY LIFE. DID YOU KNOW that Smarties have different flavors?!" ~ShadowMewX
zacklar Green Sparx Gems: 214
#16 Posted: 22:09:24 21/02/2018 | Topic Creator
alright, just to answer your question StormDragon i just measured each of the parts
[User Posted Image]

so in conclusion Doom Ranger is at tallest with 11 cm
even though fire kraken base is at 5.5 cm too the inclination where the magnets meet make Doom Kraken get at 10.9 cm
and Night Shadow is the shortest with 7.2 cm

[User Posted Image]
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