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Skylanders Academy Toys at Burger King
pezskylander Gold Sparx Gems: 2455
#1 Posted: 22:34:40 30/01/2018 | Topic Creator
I just saw online that BK is getting Skylanders academy toys. Eruptor is the first one and it looks awesome! I am heading there tomorrow. Good luck finding them all everybody!
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#2 Posted: 00:41:36 31/01/2018
[User Posted Image]

full collection.

that eruptor has seen some ****.
pezskylander Gold Sparx Gems: 2455
#3 Posted: 01:35:10 31/01/2018 | Topic Creator
I was just at BK and they still were finishing up the last toy and didn't have the Skylanders yet. I think it might be the February toy, so I will check again at the end of the week. Some stores might have them now if they are out of the last one.
4inCreation Gold Sparx Gems: 2919
#4 Posted: 01:57:35 31/01/2018
It's the housekeeping crew! Stealth is scrubbing the floor, Kaos got into the toilet cleaner, Eruptor was hitting the bleach pretty hard, and Spyro... lets just say he shouldn't have ate that.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#5 Posted: 02:54:47 31/01/2018
the eruptor's eyes/arms actually move up and down with a lever, which is the most articulation in a licensed skylanders toy i've seen
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