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Favourite characters
Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#1 Posted: 09:51:56 15/01/2018 | Topic Creator
Besides Spyro what are your favourite characters of the Spyro series?
NSane Bandicoot Blue Sparx Gems: 986
#2 Posted: 11:40:46 16/01/2018
My favorite character is Ripto because he is the best villian in the Spyro trilogy imo. My 2nd favorite character would most likely be Red from A Hero's Tail.
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yelvy Gold Sparx Gems: 2450
#3 Posted: 19:29:17 16/01/2018
Hunter was always pretty cool.
Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#4 Posted: 20:17:01 16/01/2018 | Topic Creator
Mine are Sergeant Byrd and Hunter.
Arnold Jackson Green Sparx Gems: 470
#5 Posted: 11:32:08 17/01/2018
Legend spyro trilogy is my mostly favourite.
SuperSpyroFan Platinum Sparx Gems: 6570
#6 Posted: 13:58:30 17/01/2018
I've always liked Hunter, I just really like his dopy personality, and his voice.
There's not really any other characters from the first game that I can say, because it's just other dragons, and you only meet them for a brief time.
I also really like Elora, but I feel that Bianca takes her spot because I feel she has a softer voice than Elora, and it's interesting character development since she decides to go on Spyro's side at the end of Spyro 3.

Furthermore, I think that Ripto made for an interesting villain, even more so than the Sorceress, since Spyro never had any screen time with her. And the way Ripto was portrayed seemed a lot more threatening.
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Jaggedstar Emerald Sparx Gems: 4828
#7 Posted: 16:50:41 17/01/2018
Elora, Bianca and Greta (the badass little spy from Spyro 2&3)
hell yeah
Carmelita Fox Diamond Sparx Gems: 9612
#8 Posted: 01:00:09 18/01/2018
moneybags and bianca
Bolt Platinum Sparx Gems: 5289
#9 Posted: 03:11:40 18/01/2018
Too many to list.
Cynder, Bianca, Elora, Hunter, Ember, Flame, the Chronicler ... too many.
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BlackNight12 Gold Sparx Gems: 2206
#10 Posted: 04:05:23 22/01/2018
Is this for classic, or for TLoS too? I want to answer correctly! X3

Bianca and Hunter! X3
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WAMBurt1984 Green Sparx Gems: 462
#11 Posted: 23:26:00 05/01/2019
Sparx, Red Dress Fairy, Zoe, Fauns at Fracture Hills, Superflame fairy, Sheila, Bianca and Elora
Big Spyro & Sparx fan
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ThunderEgg Blue Sparx Gems: 533
#12 Posted: 16:58:25 10/01/2019
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