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What are your favourite levels of the ps1 trilogy of Spyro?
Dragon96 Red Sparx Gems: 10
#1 Posted: 19:56:56 11/01/2018 | Topic Creator
An other question for you. What are your favourite levels of the ps1 games of Spyro?
NSane Bandicoot Green Sparx Gems: 227
#2 Posted: 20:39:01 11/01/2018
Wizard Peak, Gnasty's Loot, Firework Factory, Midnight Mountain, Summer Forest, Seashell Shore, Idol Springs, Skelos Badlands, Icy Peak and High Caves.
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Dragon96 Red Sparx Gems: 10
#3 Posted: 20:59:30 11/01/2018 | Topic Creator
For me:
Spyro 1: wizard peak, dark hollow, haunted towers and high caves
Spyro 2: zephyr, acquaria towers, cloud temples, metropolis, fracture hylls and idol springs
Spyro 3: cloud spires, molten crater, fireworks factory and frozen altars
Beemo Yellow Sparx Gems: 1465
#4 Posted: 23:21:40 11/01/2018
Ripto's Rage!: Summer Forest, Idol Springs, Sunny Beach, Skelos Badlands, Scorch, Fracture Hills, and Shady Oasis. I could care less about the speedways, frankly, and I really hate Ocean Speedway. Screw that level.

Year of the Dragon: Evening Lake, Midnight Mountain, Sunny Villa, Molten Crater, Seashell Shore, Sheila's Alp, Icy Peak, Spooky Swamp, Bamboo Terrace, Charmed Ridge, Fireworks Factory, Desert Ruins, Agent 9's Lab, and the Super Bonus World. I despise Enchanted Towers, the Dino Mines, and the Haunted Tomb.

The original game, I have not listed, because, unfortunately, I have yet to play it.
Dolores O'Riordan
1971 - 2018
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Dragon96 Red Sparx Gems: 10
#5 Posted: 00:30:37 12/01/2018 | Topic Creator
My favourite speedways are metro speedway and icy speedway.
alicecarp Diamond Sparx Gems: 8752
#6 Posted: 08:58:20 12/01/2018
Spyro the Dragon
Homeworld: Dream Weavers
Normal level: Dark Passage
Boss level: Metalhead
Flight level: Crystal Flight

Spyro 2
Homeworld: Autumn Plains
Normal level: Skelos Badlands
Boss level: Gulp's Overlook
Speedway: Canyon Speedway

Spyro 3
Homeworld: Midnight Mountain
Normal level: Enchanted Towers
Boss level: Scorch's Pit
Speedway: Country Speedway
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Dragon96 Red Sparx Gems: 10
#7 Posted: 17:52:02 12/01/2018 | Topic Creator
I hated the level tree tops from Spyro 1 because it was difficult for me when i was a child ahah
Jaggedstar Emerald Sparx Gems: 3683
#8 Posted: 19:11:45 12/01/2018
Quote: Dragon96

I hated the level tree tops from Spyro 1 because it was difficult for me when i was a child ahah

I still can't get past that level smilie
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Dragon96 Red Sparx Gems: 10
#9 Posted: 19:19:29 12/01/2018 | Topic Creator
It's a level that always gave me trouble especially the first time that i have played the game. In Spyro 2 i had trouble with the trolley in breeze harbor.
SuperSpyroFan Platinum Sparx Gems: 5338
#10 Posted: 21:44:52 14/01/2018
I'm just gonna list off my favourites:

Spyro the Dragon

Dark Hollow
Ice Cavern
Night Flight
Wizard Peak
Beast Makers' World
Tree Tops
Dream Weavers' World
Dark Passage
Haunted Towers
Lofty Castle
Twilight Harbour

Spyro 2
Idol Springs
Aquaria Towers
Ocean Speedway
Crush's Dungeon
Autumn Plains
Breeze Harbor
Metro Speedway
Fracture Hills
Magma Cone
Icy Speedway
Gulp's Overlook
Cloud Temples
Robotica Farms
Ripto's Arena

Spyro 3
Sunny Villa
Cloud Spires
Midday Gardens Home
Sgt. Byrd's Base
Spooky Swamp
Bamboo Terrace
Country Speedway
Evening Lake Home
Charmed Ridge
Honey Speedway
Midnight Mountain Home
Crystal Islands
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Radiance Gold Sparx Gems: 2904
#11 Posted: 19:55:15 16/01/2018
Spyro 1 - Lofty Castle

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! - Autumn Plains; Shady Oasis

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Evening Lake; Charmed Ridge; Crystal Islands
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