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What are your favourite levels of the ps1 trilogy of Spyro?
Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#1 Posted: 19:56:56 11/01/2018 | Topic Creator
An other question for you. What are your favourite levels of the ps1 games of Spyro?
NSane Bandicoot Blue Sparx Gems: 590
#2 Posted: 20:39:01 11/01/2018
Wizard Peak, Gnasty's Loot, Firework Factory, Midnight Mountain, Summer Forest, Seashell Shore, Idol Springs, Skelos Badlands, Icy Peak and High Caves.
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Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#3 Posted: 20:59:30 11/01/2018 | Topic Creator
For me:
Spyro 1: wizard peak, dark hollow, haunted towers and high caves
Spyro 2: zephyr, acquaria towers, cloud temples, metropolis, fracture hylls and idol springs
Spyro 3: cloud spires, molten crater, fireworks factory and frozen altars
Beemo Gold Sparx Gems: 2013
#4 Posted: 23:21:40 11/01/2018
Ripto's Rage!: Summer Forest, Idol Springs, Sunny Beach, Skelos Badlands, Scorch, Fracture Hills, and Shady Oasis. I could care less about the speedways, frankly, and I really hate Ocean Speedway. Screw that level.

Year of the Dragon: Evening Lake, Midnight Mountain, Sunny Villa, Molten Crater, Seashell Shore, Sheila's Alp, Icy Peak, Spooky Swamp, Bamboo Terrace, Charmed Ridge, Fireworks Factory, Desert Ruins, Agent 9's Lab, and the Super Bonus World. I despise Enchanted Towers, the Dino Mines, and the Haunted Tomb.

The original game, I have not listed, because, unfortunately, I have yet to play it.
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Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#5 Posted: 00:30:37 12/01/2018 | Topic Creator
My favourite speedways are metro speedway and icy speedway.
alicecarp Diamond Sparx Gems: 9331
#6 Posted: 08:58:20 12/01/2018
Spyro the Dragon
Homeworld: Dream Weavers
Normal level: Dark Passage
Boss level: Metalhead
Flight level: Crystal Flight

Spyro 2
Homeworld: Autumn Plains
Normal level: Skelos Badlands
Boss level: Gulp's Overlook
Speedway: Canyon Speedway

Spyro 3
Homeworld: Midnight Mountain
Normal level: Enchanted Towers
Boss level: Scorch's Pit
Speedway: Country Speedway
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Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#7 Posted: 17:52:02 12/01/2018 | Topic Creator
I hated the level tree tops from Spyro 1 because it was difficult for me when i was a child ahah
Jaggedstar Emerald Sparx Gems: 4094
#8 Posted: 19:11:45 12/01/2018
Quote: Dragon96
I hated the level tree tops from Spyro 1 because it was difficult for me when i was a child ahah

I still can't get past that level smilie
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Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#9 Posted: 19:19:29 12/01/2018 | Topic Creator
It's a level that always gave me trouble especially the first time that i have played the game. In Spyro 2 i had trouble with the trolley in breeze harbor.
SuperSpyroFan Platinum Sparx Gems: 5899
#10 Posted: 21:44:52 14/01/2018
I'm just gonna list off my favourites:

Spyro the Dragon

Dark Hollow
Ice Cavern
Night Flight
Wizard Peak
Beast Makers' World
Tree Tops
Dream Weavers' World
Dark Passage
Haunted Towers
Lofty Castle
Twilight Harbour

Spyro 2
Idol Springs
Aquaria Towers
Ocean Speedway
Crush's Dungeon
Autumn Plains
Breeze Harbor
Metro Speedway
Fracture Hills
Magma Cone
Icy Speedway
Gulp's Overlook
Cloud Temples
Robotica Farms
Ripto's Arena

Spyro 3
Sunny Villa
Cloud Spires
Midday Gardens Home
Sgt. Byrd's Base
Spooky Swamp
Bamboo Terrace
Country Speedway
Evening Lake Home
Charmed Ridge
Honey Speedway
Midnight Mountain Home
Crystal Islands
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Radiance Emerald Sparx Gems: 3412
#11 Posted: 19:55:15 16/01/2018
Spyro 1 - Lofty Castle

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! - Autumn Plains; Shady Oasis

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Evening Lake; Charmed Ridge; Crystal Islands
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Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2189
#12 Posted: 15:54:54 19/01/2018
I'll do favorites and least favorites.


Link has cussing. I had to upload it somewhere else because I went over the character limit.

Least Favorite: Misty Bog
Uhhh I think that's it
It probably sounds like bull**** listing just one level here and bias is clouding my judgement of the "worst" levels for sure but this is the one level I could never say I liked a lot. The design is fine, unspectacular and not that rythmic but nothing that bogs the level or feels pointless... but it has a major flaw. Attack frogs really suck. It's not in a "love to hate" or even "trial and error" way, they just suck. I don't know if this is a problem with the PSP port I normally play, but I know everywhere they are in the level and there's this one batch I can never hit before one or two of them hit me even on my best runs. Probably half my deaths in the game over all the years I've played it are from those damn things. If you've completed the level, you know which batch I mean. Do I just need to git gud, is something a bit off with the port job there, or do the frogs really suck that much? Regardless of the answer, this is still a problem for me every time I play this game. There's an early bunch of attack frogs that lack this problem too and are quite easy to defeat, which makes it all the more jarring.
I still can't say I dislike this level at all though! It's just noticeably below the others, but it still has a fun spatial layout at the end and a memorable theme, helped a lot by that music. Decent level... but it has the only bad big segment of level design. Not that the whole game is flawless, certainly not, I mean it's at least the only genuinely annoying thing that lasts long enough for me to remember and the one bit I can't really see enjoying.

If I had to mention other levels, Dark Hollow has some rythm paired with basic exploration, nothing outstanding but remains a good time, and Blowhard is a mix of both short and linear... It's an easier level than Toasty... However it's so short it's inoffensive at worst, and it still has moments of satisfaction. Plus it's a rain level, so I can't knock it that much pffft. I actually generally like the boss levels, for how short most are, even if the fights usually suck.


Favorites: Hurricos, Autumn Plains, Metro Speedway, Fracture Hills, Skelos Badlands, Breeze Harbor, Zephyr
I wish you could start the game from Autumn Plains because my god, that hub may be the best part of the entire trilogy. I'll get back to gushing about that, but these are all just great levels. Not too many minigames, minigames that are there are actually fun (maybe aside from the Hurricos orb thing, I'll admit that level is here partly because I have a great fondness of rain levels), don't feel stopped by minigames and just plain good platforming. And the Speedway I listed here is simply great and tight, the secret orb is hidden well and extremely fun and different to do, and the standard run is my favorite Speedway overall.
So Autumn Plains- goodness gracious it looks gorgeous and it's so expansive without being empty or filled with junk. Incredibly satisfying to just fly over and wonderful to explore. This hub always puts me in such a great mood and it's sad that it is easily the high point of this game as it's not even halfway through and I always blast right through it. I thoroughly love it, it has secrets everywhere and just such an amazing mood. It helps this hub has most of my favorite levels as well but that's just coincidence. Seriously man, I wish I could just play through Autumn Plains and its levels without having to start new games or something, I would probably replay Spyro 2 a ton then. This hub world is just that good that honestly I think it elevates Spyro 2 from a good platformer to a great one to me. It's always my motivator to get through those Summer Forest levels I dislike and the one thing I ever replay the game for.

Least Favorites: Colossus, Idol Springs, Aquaria Towers, Crystal Glacier, Cloud Temples
These all have overly simple platforming and boring overlong minigames (except for Crystal Glacier, short minigames, but the worst offender for boring level design and the minigames are still boring) and really boring areas. Aside from the latter they all have stuff that forces you to interact with and wait for NPCs to progress too. I just don't enjoy replaying these and it really sucks I'm forced to pick between two of these right at the start before I can even just swim.
I'm sad this is like 1/4 of the levels, I don't really remember disliking that many but I thought back on it and I just can't not mention them. I wish I could skip every one of these, they are the worst parts of Spyro 2. These levels are why I firmly believe Spyro 1 is better and are good examples of my issues with parts of 2.
Glimmer could fit on here as well as it has its collectables placed particularly haphazardly and essentially repeats the same minigame, but it's acceptable because it's the first level, and unless you double jump then you won't repeat the flight minigame until you backtrack. (btw, I really dislike backtracking in collectathons, so I'm annoyed both Spyro 2 and 3 had that.)


Favorites: Spooky Swamp, Frozen Altars, Icy Peaks
Yes, that's it. These are the only levels I can legitimately and without doubt say I like and enjoy replaying without some kind of "but" attached.
There are others that had potential but were held back or bogged down by YoTD's overreliance on subpar minigames andor lack of platforming-based puzzles, namely: Desert Ruins (main part is great, both minigames suck), Dino Mines (though really just the agent 9 section bothers me there, I kinda like the tunnel thing in here and Seashell Shore), Cloud Spires (actually doesn't have this problem, it's just that it's a basic nice level rather than something great) and Fireworks Factory (this game would be better without Agent 9 and I also have a vendetta against the double dragons). Consider those honorable mentions, however, I hesitate to call them favorites.
The reason these three are my favorites is quite simple, they have a great sense of actual platforming and better minigames and mood than the rest of the game generally does. Spooky Swamp in particular has been my favorite since I was a kid and it's a bonus that it also ends in a neat boss fight. I feel like it's the only level of the game that isn't "filled up" by junk or slowed down by something (I really like the other two, but FA has the pointless snowman later thing, and Icy Peaks' cannons make the structure a little repetitive).

Least Favorite: all the Speedways, all the Sparx levels, Bamboo Terrace, Crystal Islands, Haunted Tomb, Super Bonus Round
Every one of these is boring at best.
The Speedways all lack the energy of previous ones. The Sparx levels range from annoying to control to outright frustrating and have some of the laziest aesthetics of the trilogy. Bamboo Terrace makes me sad to list as it was a childhood favorite but is now thoroughly boring to play and a perfect example of this entry's problems, in spite of Bamboo Terrace having great aesthetics. Crystal Islands fills all its space with nothing interesting and has two dumb minigames. Haunted Tomb is repetitive and has frustrating minigames. Super Bonus Round is merely an excuse for rehashed minigames without the fun feeling of previous final levels and no real reward as opposed to a permanent powerup/theater mode in 2 and a level with completely free flight in 1.
All of these levels epitomize problems that are common in Year of The Dragon and aside from Bamboo Terrace have absolutely nothing to make up for it.
There are so many more boring levels I could list which would have made it to my least favorite lists in the other games, as so many levels in YoTD are just boring, but I consider these to be the worst offenders.
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willspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3975
#13 Posted: 09:30:24 20/01/2018
Everything in 1
Everything in 2 except for Zephyr and Fracture Hills I freaking hate Fracture Hills
Everything in 3 except for the first half of Sunrise Spring
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SuperSpyroFan Platinum Sparx Gems: 5899
#14 Posted: 09:53:48 20/01/2018
Quote: willspyro
Everything in 1
Everything in 2 except for Zephyr and Fracture Hills I freaking hate Fracture Hills
Everything in 3 except for the first half of Sunrise Spring

I suppose one of the annoying things about Fracture Hills is that the soundtrack from Idol Springs plays in it, so you're listening to the same soundtrack whilst getting annoyed at the level lol
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Dragon96 Green Sparx Gems: 133
#15 Posted: 11:33:56 20/01/2018 | Topic Creator
And the alchemist ahah
Johnbonne Blue Sparx Gems: 660
#16 Posted: 11:51:24 20/01/2018
Contains explicit material, but here's mine for the first game.

For Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer, mine are as follows:

- Glimmer
- Pretty much all three lobbies
- Colossus
- Pretty much all of the Speedways
- Breeze Harbour
- Scorch
- Mystic Marsh

For Spyro: Year of the Dragon, I'd have to jog my memory by replaying it. smilie
SuperSpyroFan Platinum Sparx Gems: 5899
#17 Posted: 09:38:28 22/01/2018
Quote: Johnbonne
Contains explicit material, but here's mine for the first game.

For Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer, mine are as follows:

- Glimmer
- Pretty much all three lobbies
- Colossus
- Pretty much all of the Speedways
- Breeze Harbour
- Scorch
- Mystic Marsh

For Spyro: Year of the Dragon, I'd have to jog my memory by replaying it. smilie

Oh no, you'll have to replay Spyro 3, such a punishment /sarcasm/ lol
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Lunarz Emerald Sparx Gems: 3127
#18 Posted: 21:25:48 22/01/2018
Quote: Johnbonne
Contains explicit material, but here's mine for the first game.

For Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer, mine are as follows:

- Glimmer
- Pretty much all three lobbies
- Colossus
- Pretty much all of the Speedways
- Breeze Harbour
- Scorch
- Mystic Marsh

For Spyro: Year of the Dragon, I'd have to jog my memory by replaying it. smilie

p good video ngl
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Sesshomaru75 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5059
#19 Posted: 21:34:13 22/01/2018
Spyro The Dragon: Tree Tops (Unpopular opinion, I know)

Ripto's Rage: Breeze Harbor

Year of The Dragon: Fireworks Factory
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Bolt Emerald Sparx Gems: 4573
#20 Posted: 07:21:18 23/01/2018
Out of all of them, I think I liked Sunny Villa the most.
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Spyrobaby Emerald Sparx Gems: 3669
#21 Posted: 02:30:10 20/02/2018
Spyro 1:
•Cliff Town
•High Caves
•Wizard Peak
•Tree Tops
•Haunted Towers
•Lofty Castle
•Icy Flight

Spyro 2:
•Idol Springs
•Aquaria Towers
•Autumn Plains

Spyro 3:
•Sunny Villa
•Molten Crater
•Enchanted Towers
•Icy Peak
•Dino Mines
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ClassicSpyroLUV Yellow Sparx Gems: 1057
#22 Posted: 01:56:58 01/03/2018
Spyro 1:Toasty, Cliff Town, Wizard Peak, Alpine Ridge, Dream Weavers Home, Lofty Castle, Dark Passage, Haunted Towers, Gnorc Gnexus, Gnasty's Loot

Spyro 2: All the home worlds, Glimmer, Aquaria Towers, Fracture Hills, Zephyr, Metropolis, Mystic Marsh, Robotica Farms

Spyro 3: Cloud Spires, Seashell Shores, Icy Peak, Spooky Swamp, Enchanted Towers, Charmed Ridge, Crystal Islands, Desert Ruins, Haunted Tomb MINUS THE GOD AWFUL TANK BATTLE NEAR THE END!!!
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TheSpyrofan12 Gold Sparx Gems: 2971
#23 Posted: 15:17:48 02/03/2018
Spyro 1:
Dark Hollow
Ice Cavern
High Caves
Wizard's Peak
Dream Weavers
Dark Passage
Haunted Towers
Gnasty's Loot

Spyro 2:
Summer Forest
Autumn Plains
Skelos Badlands
Breeze Harbour
Dragon Shores

Spyro 3:
Sunny Villa
Sheila's Alp
Midday Gardens
Sgt Byrd's Base
Bamboo Terrace
Enchanted Towers
Evening Lake
Midnight Mountains
Crystal Islands
Dino Mines
Super Bonus World
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Drek95 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3991
#24 Posted: 16:09:34 02/03/2018
Spyro the Dragon:
- Stone Hill
- Ice Cavern
- Magic Crafters’ Homeworld (probably the first location which comes to mind when I think about it)
- Misty Bog
- Tree Tops (always loved the colors, music and atmosphere)
- Metalhead
- Dream Weavers’ Homeworld
- Lofty Castle
- Dark Passage
- Gnorc Cove
- Gnasty’s Loot
- I’m not a fan of speedways, but like the majority of the ones in this game either because of the colors, lighting or crystals/icy theme.

Gateway to Glimmer
- Glimmer
- Hurricos
- Sunny Beach
- Aquaria Towers
- Autumn Plains
- Shady Oasis
- Fracture Hills
- Skelos Badlands
- Zephyr
- Ocean Speedway (the sky-box is so soothing and the architecture is amazing)
- Winter Thundra
- Mystic Marsh
- Cloud Temples
- it’s hard though, I think this is starting to becoe my favorite game of the trilogy the more I think about it, and not only for nostalgic reasons.

Year of the Dragon
- Cloud Spires
- Seashell Shore
- Enchanted Towers
- Spooky Swamp
- Sgt. Byrd’s Base
- Evening Lake
- Lost Fleet
- Charmed Ridge
- Honey Speedway (basically the same atmosphere as Tree Tops)
- Midnight Mountains
- Crystal Islands
- Haunted Tomb
- Harbor Speedway (very unusual atmosphere)
- Super Bonus World
- also love basically all the bosses’ arenas.

I do have to say there is no traditional level I straight up dislike.
Might not be a fan of certain minigames or challenges, but they are more or less all ok in my book.
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