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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#1 Posted: 05:27:42 28/12/2017 | Topic Creator
all the other headcanon topics were purged.


ember and barbella are a thing.
flarewolf has a knack for commiting petty crimes.
snap shot only listens to indie rock.
nightfall's mask converts clean air into poisonous air, like the ones she breathed in her homelands.
mysticat is a transitioning f-to-m. skylands' magic has allowed him to transition everything but the voice.
ro-bow mains bastion. everyone hates him for this.
hex is the one the church warned you about.
tae kwon crow has OCD.
after some thinking, cynder realized the whole "cursed tiki temple" thing was an allegory.
hood sickle only uploads high-quality video game rips.
night shift is bat spin's dad. he just doesn't know it.
tidepool is bayonetta incarnate. only on nintendo switch
aurora still thinks dabbing is cool.
bad juju is slowly but sure getting used to being a mom.
boom bloom and krankcase outright REFUSE to work with each other.
bash has been cucked by spyro.
tree rex is the oldest living skylander.
pop fizz does comedy on the side.
king pen has a secret rap career, but only in france.
spotlight and blackout argue over truth vs ideals often.
chopscotch is a perfect cinnamon roll.
luminous managed to escape cloudcracker, and runs a talk show. he also wears heels now.
starcast's big white eyes are actually glasses.
chopscotch tried to play bass guitar once. it did not go well.
some people refer to strykore as "the blinding one." this was actually and in-joke started by flarewolf, and it spread.
lightning rod has three cousins in a faraway land. spotlight and blackout have apparently met them.
warnado was once asked by flarewolf if he was gonna "evolve". warnado never got the joke.
nightfall is asexual.
spitfire watches edgy mecha anime in secret.
bouncer once said he "dealt with the devil.", then did a pose with his finger guns. nobody got the joke.
grave clobber, golden queen, and bad juju are massive JJBA fans. juju even calls goldie "Killer Queen" sometimes.

thats all i got now.
emeraldzoroark Gold Sparx Gems: 2486
#2 Posted: 11:47:45 28/12/2017
Gill Grunt found the Mermaid he was looking for. He took some time off to be with her, which explains why we barely see him in SI.
Boomer is paranoid that someone will light his backpack on fire
Krypt King is anime trash. Especially for Berserk for the gigantic swords
Scorp mains low tiers in video games and everyone hates him because he somehow always wins.
Sprocket is mad when someone calls her weak
Bash is an unironic fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. He even made his own OC and painted himself to look like his OC. This was the start of legendary variants.
Fright Rider and Rocky Roll once swapped their partners for today and miraculously, only 6 died.
Chain Reaction, Wildfire, Knight Light and Hoot Loop are all D&D players. They get together every Saturday, but keep it a secret from others.
This avatar will be a reminder of my ultimate goal.
Even if I can’t bring it to Gen 8.
AmbushFan Blue Sparx Gems: 919
#3 Posted: 20:18:13 28/12/2017
Skylanders is a conspiracy which involves Activision simultaneously detonating them all at the same time, killing millions of innocents and achieving their ultimate goal of world domination.

We're all ****ed basically.
No fate. Only the power of will.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#4 Posted: 04:11:44 03/01/2018 | Topic Creator
Quote: emeraldzoroark

Sprocket is mad when someone calls her weak

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