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Are these prototype Skylanders?
InterdisDip Red Sparx Gems: 12
#1 Posted: 19:26:05 18/12/2017 | Topic Creator
Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum so not sure if this is right or if I should post this anywhere else, but I have 2 Skylander figurines that I think are prototypes, but I'm just not sure (since I don't really know alot about skylanders).

Can you guys give me a bit more information? I'm wondering if these are worth anything.

ViDeOmAnCiNi Platinum Sparx Gems: 5019
#2 Posted: 13:41:53 19/12/2017
sure appear to be prototypes. Says Activision on the bottom as well. Seem to have the RF chips in them as well. Good find.
♫ "Many dreams come true and some have silver linings, I live for my dream and a pocketful of gold" ♫

4inCreation Gold Sparx Gems: 2941
#3 Posted: 04:19:33 28/12/2017
Cool! Is Swarm glow-in-the-dark?
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#4 Posted: 05:02:10 28/12/2017
indeed they are! love the magna charge.
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