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Portal of Power and Skylanders storage giveaway
BahamutBreaker Yellow Sparx Gems: 1191
#1 Posted: 15:21:11 30/11/2017 | Topic Creator
I used to trade/buy/sell Skylanders. I have a dozen or so assorted "Portal of Power", and some storage cases. I'm not going to be selling these, but I don't want to trash them. If you're a collector, or want some free Portals and/or storage/display items, please reply here or message me. I would only ask that you pay shipping. Thanks!
"Who was harmed here---some six year olds who went to bed crying because there's no Enchanted Trap Shadow?"
MegaDozer Yellow Sparx Gems: 1887
#2 Posted: 08:01:18 11/12/2017
storage/display items,what do you have?
My son is starting to collect a set for himself.
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