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Superchargers' servers are down
JohnnySmasher42 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1021
#1 Posted: 20:03:33 19/11/2017 | Topic Creator
It's permanent isn't it? Dang
And I never even got to do that win online races emblem
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arenne Gold Sparx Gems: 2348
#2 Posted: 23:28:23 22/11/2017
So it has been several days and servers are still down (at least here in Canada). Has anyone heard if there was an official announcement regarding the cessation of online features for this game? I would be pretty disappointed if they halted this feature without a formal announcement. I know that the online component is not essential (unless of course you care about completing your emblems, which I do), but I strongly feel they should make an announcement to their consumers. At least Disney Infinity respected their fans/consumers, and made it very clear when they would shut down servers, and they had not even been around for as long as Skylanders.
Personally, I feel that if they are still flogging Superchargers Starter Packs at major retailers such as TRU, then they should be upfront with the consumers about the scope of their product's features.
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Johnbonne Green Sparx Gems: 320
#3 Posted: 07:27:47 23/11/2017
arenne beat me to it. Yes, if they're still selling the toys - especially during one of the biggest sale periods of the year - they should let people know because some people may have gotten back into the PvP side of the game and want to try it out with new toys. It wouldn't hurt to explain this to folks, in my opinion.
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 5197
#4 Posted: 13:23:34 23/11/2017
TT's servers closed with just a message to play SC. I don't think they care.
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Drawdler Yellow Sparx Gems: 1633
#5 Posted: 04:58:12 24/11/2017
Do the aesthetic mods still work and how is racing on the 3DS version or SI?
Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3623
#6 Posted: 23:07:07 27/11/2017
Darn ._.

Oh well not like my friends played this game in the past :l sadly...
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