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Watched Skylanders Academy Season 2?

Yes, all the episodes! Poll 51% (248)
Yes, a few episodes Poll 8% (41)
Yes, just one episode Poll 2% (11)
No, not yet Poll 21% (101)
No, don't want to Poll 17% (84)
Watched Skylanders Academy Season 2?
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 10312
#1 Posted: 21:43:12 10/10/2017 | Topic Creator
Season Two of Skylanders Academy just released on Netflix on Friday last week but have you managed to catch up with all the goings on at the Skylanders school already? Are you perhaps taking it slowly to combat the likely year long wait for more episodes? Or are you just not at all interested in the show?
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#2 Posted: 21:55:07 10/10/2017
Binged it, I do not trust people to hold their spoilers and I was already proven right a few times after it. I'll probably rewatch it slowly over the year for better enjoyment, though.
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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx Gems: 4741
#3 Posted: 23:17:21 10/10/2017
i binged the whole damn thing.
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Drek95 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4036
#4 Posted: 01:41:42 12/10/2017
Slow is the way, for me.
I'll probably be pretty busy next year, but it's still a loooong wait.
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Halvmorke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1415
#5 Posted: 18:25:34 12/10/2017
Two episodes to bing it, but I'm watching them tonight, so... yes, all episodes.
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IggyKoopaStar Blue Sparx Gems: 850
#6 Posted: 21:35:13 15/10/2017
I haven't got to watch it yet, but I sure will in due time giving how I loved the first season.
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Crash10 Gold Sparx Gems: 2361
#7 Posted: 22:13:04 15/10/2017
Binged the entire thing on one day. I think it was worth it. I can rewatch it anytime, after all.
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yelvy Gold Sparx Gems: 2410
#8 Posted: 20:08:04 22/10/2017
I watched all of season two over the course of a week, 2 or 3 episodes at a time. It was really good! smilie
DarkRipTide256 Green Sparx Gems: 452
#9 Posted: 10:38:59 15/05/2018
I personaly really like season 2! I did give us a cliff hanger for season 3 but still!
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