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Is SWAP FORCE to hard for Kids
Fear_The_Fish Red Sparx Gems: 12
#1 Posted: 04:20:56 13/07/2017 | Topic Creator
Here is my thought after trying to help out my grandson get his portal master stars this game was not meant for kids as a adult I cant even get them done.
All I know is I am getting Frustrated with SWAP FORCE now I can see why he is we have finished all of Spryo Adv and Giants and Trap Team .
Now with SWAP FORCE its a pain in the butt even on the easy setting mode in the story line we have it all done except for Serpents Peak , Mesmeralda's Show, Motherly Mayhem and Evil Kaos only 2 star .
As far as the Swap Force Zones challenge mode most of these we can only get 2 stars and same with the solo battles the coin cost is out of site and the same with duel battles in Arena Mode .
Collection Accolades none are showing up in his list all of his skylanders are all Maxed level and all upgrades have been gotten and total skylanders count is at 183 and 32 other toys.
If we would have bought Swap Force first I am very sure that we would have not have bought a 2nd skylnders game.
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#2 Posted: 13:39:15 13/07/2017
If you got this far, it isn't. Those three star challenges are meant to be hard for everyone.
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#3 Posted: 13:51:16 13/07/2017
Actually that's what I liked about SF apart from the beautiful (but way to long) levels: you can always come back and still have things to do...
I had 100% in Imaginators way too fast. I just bought Blaster-Tron this afternoon, tested him in one street fight and he already went up to level 6. That's also frustrating, not to have any challenge.
Ok, you can try to get nightmare to 100% but I cannot imagine how this is doable in time challenges. In SF you always know what you did wrong and how or with which figure you could do it.
I think at a certain age kids are better in such things. They try and try until it is done. (As teenager I was nearly able to beat ghost's and goblins with eyes closed, now I die after a couple of seconds)
So this game is maybe to hard for adults and you have to wait until your kids are older to bring SF to 100%
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