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Favourite Upgrade Path: Mysticat

Paw-erful Painter Poll 24% (57)
Meow You See Me... Poll 18% (43)
Don't have him Poll 25% (60)
Never played Imaginators Poll 33% (79)
Favourite Upgrade Path: Mysticat
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#1 Posted: 21:14:17 16/06/2017 | Topic Creator
The masses have spoken and the For the Greater Goo'd path wins for Dr. Krankcase.

The Magic Sorcerer Master Mysticat is next for the polling block, which of his paths do you prefer?

[User Posted Image] Paw-erful Painter
Improves damage to Laser Painter and your Cat's Familiars.
Cat-astrophic Chasers Patience is a Fur-tue Fur-st Degree Purr-ns
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Conjure 4 Cat's Familiars when you press (Square). They will do increased damage each time they hit an enemy. Lasers are larger and increase in damage over time. (Square), (Square), (Square) casts a much wider laser spread. Copy Cats create an explosion of magical energy when hit with a laser of a Cat's Familiar. Copy Cats also create this explosion when they time out.
Meow You See Me...
Improve abilities for Disappurring Act and your Copy Cats.
The Feline's Mutual Keep Your Fur-ends Close Not Kitten Around
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Disapurring Act's explosion hits harder and wider. Press (Triangle) to now cause an explosion when entering stealth. Hold (Triangle) when you are invisible to cause your Copy Cats to charge at nearby targets for area damage. Your decoy explodes shortly afterwards too. You can now have three Copy Cats active at a time. Their charging explosion is stronger, as well as the decoy's explosion.
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#2 Posted: 21:17:00 16/06/2017
Bottom path for sure. Any Skylander can mash buttons, but his amazing speed combined with decoys and copycats make him so fun to play.
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SkylandrPurists Gold Sparx Gems: 2830
#3 Posted: 22:19:48 16/06/2017
smilie Serena
PATH: Meow You See Me
REASON: I think it looked like the cooler of the two paths for me.
Wishblade Gold Sparx Gems: 2599
#4 Posted: 16:04:21 17/06/2017
I chose Pawerful painter too get more power ought of his primary attack.
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somePerson Platinum Sparx Gems: 5233
#5 Posted: 03:41:24 18/06/2017
good puns
kczportalmaster Yellow Sparx Gems: 1594
#6 Posted: 22:30:54 18/06/2017
paw-erful painter
go home villains your all drunk off for your G()D DVWN @5535
Sworn2Skylands Yellow Sparx Gems: 1353
#7 Posted: 19:06:02 19/06/2017
Eh, you could really go either way with Mysticat. Both paths can be useful depending on how you want to play. However, I'm voting Paw-erful Painter. It's not just for the superior damage output and ranged attacks, but also because it allows him to use his decoys more effectively.

The upgrades on the Meow you see me... path make you get something out of the clones created by Attack 2 being destroyed, be it when you hold Attack 3 when invisible (thereby initiating their suicidal charge) or otherwise, but the upgrades on Paw-erful Painter make you get something out of them at all times, whether they are intact or destroyed. This is especially true the more courteous, compromising nature of Fur-st Degree Purrns, which rewards you for hitting them with Mysticat's lasers when they're still around or for them fading away in an explosion for having existed for too long--and with Mysticat's Patience is a Fur-tue upgrade, hitting those clones is a piece of cake.

As I said in the previous poll with Dr. Krankcase, it doesn't make sense to destroy something so effective at doing damage for you (especially with Mysticat--the phantasmal clones are arguably even better than Dr. Krankcase's hat bots!), and since the clones are arguably where most of his power comes from, I'm for Paw-erful Painter.
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#8 Posted: 20:01:40 19/06/2017
The speed of the invisibility is enough to find a spot and recast the copycats. They're expendable at that point.
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Sworn2Skylands Yellow Sparx Gems: 1353
#9 Posted: 18:28:49 20/06/2017
Quote: Bifrost
The speed of the invisibility is enough to find a spot and recast the copycats. They're expendable at that point.

That could work, but then again, the duration of Mysticat's state when he's not detectable by enemies is incredibly limited. I found it usually wasn't enough actually.
Halvmorke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1974
#10 Posted: 21:34:03 03/07/2017
The amount of people voting "never player Imaginators"... is too damn high!
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