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Favorite Skylander Of All Time?
Chompy-King257 Gold Sparx Gems: 2219
#1 Posted: 00:39:51 28/05/2017 | Topic Creator
Double Dare Trigger Happy for me, if we aren't including Guest Stars.
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Crash10 Gold Sparx Gems: 2371
#2 Posted: 00:58:43 28/05/2017
Still Stealth Elf.
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King-Pen Krazy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1614
#3 Posted: 01:18:43 28/05/2017
Skadiddly Dimpers
pjc613 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1031
#4 Posted: 02:17:42 28/05/2017
It's interesting. I have a love-hate relationship with Magna Charge. I've by far spent the most time playing as him, but that's because when I started playing, my son had already beaten Swap Force, on easy, which unlocked Nightmare mode. Now, he's just a kid, so he doesn't have the attention span to realize that it being a challenge makes it more interesting. When I first tried it out, even Expert seemed a bit too easy. So I started out doing Nightmare. I quickly realized, despite the fact that the difficulty was about right, it was TIME CONSUMING. Hence, I looked for skylanders whose abilities would make it go quicker. Magna Charge was about perfect for that. Most baddies could just be picked up and chucked off a cliff rather than being shot a dozen times, I could speed through when there was nothing to kill, and I had a more-than-decent ranged weapon to take out anything that couldn't be thrown. BUT, he honestly didn't have the personality of a lot of the other guys, and I mean, he a magnet robot. Not aesthetically pleasing. So I didn't want to like him, but he was really useful.

It'd be really hard to pick out a "personality winner" because I really did split everyone else almost evenly after Magna Charge. I wanted to like Zoo Lou and Pop Fizz because they OOZE personality, but their gameplay is so cumbersome I just couldn't get into them. And there are a few like that.

If I were to try and choose one who balanced gameplay and personality most for me, I'd probably say Terrafin.
Flame58 Blue Sparx Gems: 528
#5 Posted: 03:25:58 28/05/2017
Not too hard to guess for me.
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Newguy333 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1735
#6 Posted: 04:11:10 28/05/2017
Baebella for life
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emeraldzoroark Yellow Sparx Gems: 1908
#7 Posted: 07:55:57 28/05/2017
Wildfire. No contest.
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yelvy Gold Sparx Gems: 2425
#8 Posted: 20:18:57 28/05/2017
I'm gonna be that person and say... Spyro! smilie
Dark fhoenix Gold Sparx Gems: 2906
#9 Posted: 23:33:17 29/05/2017
Hey Skylander your health is low and we have a chainsaw
Wishblade Gold Sparx Gems: 2042
#10 Posted: 23:47:55 29/05/2017
Any last wishes?
JohnnySmasher42 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1627
#11 Posted: 13:31:37 31/05/2017
Spy Rise is the best boy and I will fight you on it
Most powerful character in Swap Force hands down
Secret agent personality
The speedrunning god with Boom Jet's bottom half
Best quote "Dropping like flies"
Actually lets you see enemy life bars
He is the best
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trixster68 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3288
#12 Posted: 15:21:56 31/05/2017
Ghost Roaster.
alicecarp Diamond Sparx Gems: 9396
#13 Posted: 16:33:45 31/05/2017
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Halvmorke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1430
#14 Posted: 20:18:35 31/05/2017
Terrafin for me. Series 2 and Shark Shooter, I absolutely love both.
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Street50 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1849
#15 Posted: 14:23:07 14/06/2017
I should either go with Ninjini or Chill.
Chill was always the character I put on the portal first until Imaginators and with SSA I used spyro's first cause it's "Spyro's Adventure" after all and I think Hugo only has that one extra dialog for Spyro when he's put on the portal.
I'd probably say Ninjini was my favorite but I almost never use her because I felt too powerful when putting her on the portal.
xXBeavcoonXx Yellow Sparx Gems: 1968
#16 Posted: 01:20:19 19/06/2017
Before I stopped playing frequently it was Wallop, but now that I've replayed them I had the most fun with my boy bushwhack, no contest.
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SlinkySlinks Yellow Sparx Gems: 1114
#17 Posted: 22:41:59 19/06/2017
FlashWing! smilie
Mobcraft101 Red Sparx Gems: 63
#18 Posted: 02:36:54 09/08/2017
Stealth elf.
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Living Joker Green Sparx Gems: 196
#19 Posted: 15:53:55 14/08/2017
I'm incredibly surprised nobody mentioned Drobot. It's really hard to choose an overall favorite but I think he comes closest.
KingMed Yellow Sparx Gems: 1828
#20 Posted: 21:36:15 14/08/2017
emeraldzoroark Yellow Sparx Gems: 1908
#21 Posted: 21:55:51 14/08/2017
Now the true lesson begins!
AmbushFan Blue Sparx Gems: 919
#22 Posted: 10:12:21 16/08/2017
Either Pop Fizz or Pop Thorn.
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ViDeOmAnCiNi Emerald Sparx Gems: 4445
#23 Posted: 12:55:15 16/08/2017
TH, who is the best of course.

'nuf said.

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Chompy-King257 Gold Sparx Gems: 2219
#24 Posted: 13:20:26 16/08/2017 | Topic Creator
Quote: ViDeOmAnCiNi
TH, who is the best of course.

'nuf said.


but which one?
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JunkyGoblin Red Sparx Gems: 58
#25 Posted: 22:26:40 16/08/2017
Boomer, easily. Love goblins, Trolls are basically Goblins in this game.
He's got flavor, personality, a passable move set, and beard pants.

Plus as the only Troll to be a Skylander, he's got it pretty rough with killing most of his kin. Pretty tragic, as he's so happy all the time.
NSane Bandicoot Blue Sparx Gems: 633
#26 Posted: 17:18:53 11/09/2017
Bring em on! smilie smilie smilie smilie
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Muffin Man Gold Sparx Gems: 2448
#27 Posted: 06:32:09 30/09/2017
Including guests, Donkey Kong.

Not including guests, Boomer.

And it's not just because they both throw barrels. That's just a weird coincidence.
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Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2236
#28 Posted: 06:35:42 30/09/2017
spot Blue Sparx Gems: 987
#29 Posted: 14:53:02 30/09/2017
Stealth elf for me as well.
SkyFan91 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1138
#30 Posted: 16:08:08 30/09/2017
If Squigly would ever be a guest star then Squigly all the way nobody @ me.

As of now Roller Brawl
Johnbonne Blue Sparx Gems: 660
#31 Posted: 17:46:45 30/09/2017
Hard to say really. I'm with PJC613 on this and go with Magna Charge for practicality, although I also like Countdown, Spyro, Trigger Happy and Double Trouble. For total practicality and talent trees, I'd say Spyro or Double Trouble.
spot Blue Sparx Gems: 987
#32 Posted: 12:13:20 01/10/2017
For practicality surely a character that can turn invisible to get behind enemies, is overpowered in many of the games, is one of the fastest characters in many of the games AND can heal herself after taking damage would be at the top of the list?
Paperboy012305 Red Sparx Gems: 62
#33 Posted: 04:31:59 07/10/2017
Most definitely Sprocket. I pretty much fell in love with her when I first saw her appearance, unlike most who were disgusted by her appearance.
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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx Gems: 4753
#34 Posted: 05:03:54 07/10/2017

he was the reason for my namesake, and one of the first skylanders i ever got.

well, he wasn't exactly the first, but "GhostRoasterNorris" didn't exactly roll off the tongue.
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UncleBob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4467
#35 Posted: 23:02:37 08/10/2017
Wow. Everyone in this thread misspelled Gill Grunt.
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Halvmorke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1430
#36 Posted: 23:10:51 08/10/2017
Quote: NSane Bandicoot
Pop Fizz all the way. Such a unique character

Well, you know... he's a crazy gremlin with basically Dr. N. Brio's skills ("carbon copy" if you think about it)... I like him and he's pretty fun to play as, but we can agree he's not precisely one of the most original characters in the roster...
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TTD Hunter Gems: 3755
#37 Posted: 09:25:01 03/12/2017
Tree Rex.
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Johnbonne Blue Sparx Gems: 660
#38 Posted: 19:52:16 03/12/2017
Quote: Halvmorke
Quote: NSane Bandicoot
Pop Fizz all the way. Such a unique character

Well, you know... he's a crazy gremlin with basically Dr. N. Brio's skills ("carbon copy" if you think about it)... I like him and he's pretty fun to play as, but we can agree he's not precisely one of the most original characters in the roster...

Original, no, but unique? I think NSane Bandicoot has a point - what other characters in Skylanders have that Jekyll & Hyde-like transformation, or potion lobbing (which is one of my favourite archtypes for a character)? None, going off the top of my head.
BahamutBreaker Yellow Sparx Gems: 1191
#39 Posted: 14:25:37 05/12/2017
Really, really tough to pick one absolute favorite. Ghost Roaster, Sunburn, and Chill were so awesome in the early years, but power creep was a very big thing in subsequent Skylanders releases. Snap Shot and Wallop were ridiculous, but they gave way to Aurora and Chain Reaction.
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4361
#40 Posted: 13:10:37 06/12/2017
Wrecking Ball.
HeyitsHotDog Emerald Sparx Gems: 4343
#41 Posted: 18:16:10 12/12/2017
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Swap Force Fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3592
#42 Posted: 00:02:44 17/12/2017
1. Freeze Blade
2. Enigma
3. Wham-Shell
4. Swarm
5. Hood Sickle
Pokemon2 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3613
#43 Posted: 03:15:50 17/12/2017
"I'm sorry, the old Pokemon2 can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cuz he's dead"
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