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Superchargers should've been the 2016 game (my opinion)
SkyFan91 Green Sparx Gems: 205
#1 Posted: 16:39:59 17/05/2017 | Topic Creator
In my opinion Superchargers was the best in the series and if this game came in 2016 then they would've expanded upon it this year. Superchargers didn't kill the franchise if anything, VV wanted to bring change to the franchise and it was good change! Unfortunately it was good change that a lot of fans didn't accept. Either way let me know what you think they would've done if there was ever a Superchargers year 2! That would've been amazing!
Dark fhoenix Gold Sparx Gems: 2553
#2 Posted: 21:48:36 18/05/2017
Meh it was okay but I felt the concept of vehicles was unoriginal and out of place with the basic world of skylands .

I always thought it would have fit better if the basic story started off as Kaos goes to the far future for some reason and the heroes have to follow ....

Although there is tech element in skylands for the most part its a medieval fantasy world .
Hey Skylander your health is low and we have a chainsaw
Wishblade Yellow Sparx Gems: 1191
#3 Posted: 03:15:17 19/05/2017
No, no, no. Some chapter designs were cool, I'll give it that. But too many crappy characters and not enough on-foot. Racing took too much away from that.

You should put this post under "Unpopular Opinions."
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