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Favorite Trap Team cores?
pjc613 Green Sparx Gems: 367
#1 Posted: 03:23:19 13/05/2017 | Topic Creator
I'd appreciate any input on what cores, if any, to hunt down for Trap Team. I've only found a couple of them still being sold by retailers, so if I were to get any, it'd be the ebay route, so I'd really want them to be awesome.

I've had a chance to play with most of the Trap Masters. Some of the characters are interesting, but I almost feel like their character development was stunted somewhat, simply because so much of their personality had to be representative of their traptanium weapon. I'm imagining (but could be wrong, here), that there'd be a lot more freedom of expression within the cores. If I'm wrong, and I'm not missing much sticking with the Trap Masters, let me know.

So with that, which cores are your favorites and why? Which ones look pretty but suck to play? Which ones seem boring but actually come alive due to their moveset? Which ones would be great if their moves weren't too complicated? Which ones are just freaking fun to play? Any info like that would be much appreciated!
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