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Cuphead Super Sneak Peak Soon
King-Pen Krazy Blue Sparx Gems: 958
#1 Posted: 02:07:43 21/04/2017 | Topic Creator
So recently Studio MDHR announced that there would be a super sneak peak for Cuphead soon, and would also reveal the official release date for Cuphead.

They also showed off a boss called the Gemini Sisters(Which I believe is part of the Zeplin Lady Boss)

Here is the article showing this info

Really excited for this game!!! Can't wait to hear when it comes out
Luke's gonna die in the next Star Wars movie, calling it right now
Bryman04 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1601
#2 Posted: 02:17:12 21/04/2017
I'm genuinely excited and hyped, can't wait for this game and looking forward to it
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