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Overwatch Movie Ideas
King-Pen Krazy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1907
#1 Posted: 23:23:44 13/04/2017 | Topic Creator
This is technically a video game related topic, just with movies added onto it.

Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis-When the omnic crisis breaks out, the government forms a group of highly advanced soldiers to fight the omincs, known as Overwatch.

Characters(Plus preffered actors)
Jack Morrison(Unknown)
Gabriel Reyes(Keith Ferguson)
Reinhardt Willhelm(Unknown, someone german)
Ana Amari(Aysha Selim)
Torbjorn Lindholm(Warwick Davis)
Prof. Liao(San Lin)
Balderich Von Adler(Unknown, someone german)
Warren Fisher(Keegan-Micheal Key)
Gabrielle Adawe(Unknown)
Young Fareeha Amari(Unknown)
Bastion(Chris Metzen)
Rise and Shine Ursine
Dragon Lover Emerald Sparx Gems: 4649
#2 Posted: 14:40:32 14/04/2017
Quote: King-Pen Krazy
Bastion(Chris Metzen)

I concur.
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