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Favourite Upgrade Path: Barbella

Seismic Smasher Poll 30% (76)
Ruler of Rocks Poll 8% (19)
Don't have her Poll 36% (90)
Never played Imaginators Poll 27% (67)
Favourite Upgrade Path: Barbella
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 10001
#1 Posted: 22:30:58 20/03/2017 | Topic Creator
Gadgets Galore wins for Dr. Neo Cortex.

Another Sensei, this time the Earth Sentinel Master Barbella. Do you prefer to upgrade her barbell bash or her rock crystals?

[User Posted Image] Seismic Smasher
Improves Barbell Bash with earth-shattering perks!
Gifts of the Deadlift Caving In Rocky Roads
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Rock Crystals will pound the ground when you press (Square). Press (Square), (Square), (Square) to create Rock Crystals. Barbell Bash does even more damage and the shockwave extends further. Press (Square), (Square), (Square) to send out cascading earthquakes.
Ruler of Rocks
Rock Crystals are easier to make and are stronger!
For the Crater Good Rocky Rebound Boulder and all the Wiser
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Damaging enemies sometimes spawns a Rock Crystal. Rock Crystals will return to their targets when they fly out. Rock Crystals spawn more frequently when damaging enemies. Rock Crystals critically hit on their return trip.
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SkylandrPurists Gold Sparx Gems: 2107
#2 Posted: 23:07:50 20/03/2017
smilie Kole
PATH: Seismic Slammer
REASON: I think that Barbella would be a devestating quake maker on the battlefield. Mass Destruction is imminent!
All Skylanders ready for purification!
TheToyNerd Yellow Sparx Gems: 1542
#3 Posted: 23:49:13 20/03/2017
Seismic Smasher, dude!
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kczportalmaster Yellow Sparx Gems: 1179
#4 Posted: 08:57:56 21/03/2017
seismic smasher
go home villains your all drunk off for your G()D DVWN @5535
Wishblade Yellow Sparx Gems: 1810
#5 Posted: 18:32:19 21/03/2017
I like all the rocks flying around, Ruler of Rocks!

Although, I haven't tried the other path. You guys that comment, have you tried both?
Any last wishes?
Deja Vu Gold Sparx Gems: 2780
#6 Posted: 19:56:49 21/03/2017
Seismic Smasher ranks Barbella up to god tier.
smiliesmilie Did that just happen? smiliesmilie
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ZapNorris Emerald Sparx Gems: 4409
#7 Posted: 20:04:28 21/03/2017
seismic smasher.
"he was on our side this entire time"
Wishblade Yellow Sparx Gems: 1810
#8 Posted: 02:43:46 22/03/2017
Ughhh... This reminds me of one of the only good aspects of Superchargers, the ability to switch paths! I'm too lazy to reset characters. Oh well, I like her as-is.
Any last wishes?
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