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skylanders: kaiju
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skylanders: kaiju
unleash your fury

the game will include 20 new skylanders (10 kaijus and 20 cores) and three adventure packs.

long ago, an evil and massive entity known as "the destroyer" invaded skylands and started to devour parts of skylands. the skylanders tried to defeat it but the destroyer was too powerful, all seemd lost until the most amazing thing happend. ten enormous titans stood up against the inveder and fought him with no fear in thier hearts. after a long a battle the titans manged to seal the destroyer inside a stone prison but not without turning to stone themselves. skylands prasied thte titans for thier heroisem and the skylanders honerd them for ages. but saddly the destroyer has woke up and if the skylanders will not do somthing he will regain his power and wil destroy skylands. the skylanders know that the only ones who can defete him is the ten titans so with a master eon graet magic they tried to wakt them up. they succeed but somthing strange happend: insted of waking up to thier massive bodies the titans were Shrunk to a tiny size, but they still had the power to unleash thier gigantic fprm any time they want. master eon Recruited the titans to the skylanders ranks and created a new skylander team known as "the kaijus". the skylanders must stop the destroyer and his army of evil titans with the help of the kaijus, so portal masters prepare to unleash yout fury!.

the kaijus
the gimmik of this game is called "kaiju", the kaijus have two forms: the skylander form and the titan form. in the skylander form they will act like normal skylanders, they will have three attacks, soul gems and skill trees. in every level there will be a titan bosses and mini bosses that will be too big for normal skylanders to hundle, in that spot the kaiju's titan form step in. the kaijus can trensform to thier true massive form and fight against the evil titans. the titan battle will be turn based. the kaijus will have a differant skill tree for their titan form. there is allso a rage meter that get fulld everytime the kaijus make a successful hit on thier enemies, once the meter is full the kaijus can use thier "world shaker", a special attack that will couse to thier enemy a massive damage. after the battle the kaijus will return to thier skylander form. the kaijus can upgrade both of thier skill trees but to upgrade thier titan skills they need to use a special shrine called "shrien of the titans" and use a substance called "titan tears" that will collected in special crystels, mini game awards or after defeating an evil titan.

- starwing (kaiju, mothra, female humanoid moth that can shoot energy balls, a full moth in kaiju form)
- teddy dream (male purple teddy bear with power over dreams and nightmares)
- triple threat (male three headed chimera with each head use different attack, lion head slash with his claws, goat head breath purple flame and snake head shoot magical poison)

- wardino (kaiju, MechaGodzilla, robotic godzilla that shoots rockets and lasers, looks the same in kaiju form)
- top cop (male police robot that shoot electric blasts and can turn to a motorcycle)
steel-clops (male cyclope that uses a hammer and can build different mechs)

- shell crash (kaiju, Anguirus, ankylosaurus that uses his fists and spikes, in kaiju form he goes full quatropod)
- mudbath (male hippo with mace that can control mud)
- sandstorm (female mummy that uses two sais and can control sand)

- jetstream (kaiju, rodan, pterodactyl that can breath hot air and dash, looks like the real rodan in kaiju form)
- tempestina (female elf with a staff that can controls storms)
- thunderhawk (male thunderbird that uses electric bow and arrow)

- burn zilla (kaiju, leader, godzilla, resemble snap shot and uses his claws and heat breath, looks almost like godzilla but with black and red skin in kaiju form)
- foxfire (five tailed female kitsune that uses fans and can shoot fireballs from her tails)
- hellfire (male demon rockstar that uses a firey guiter)

- clawbuster (kaiju, Ebirah, male humanoid lobstar that can crash his enemies with his claws and can make tidal waves, full lobstar in kaiju form)
- torpedo (male bulk gillman that uses a torpedo luncher)
- ripple song (female mermaid that uses magical staff and can sing a mesmorising song)

- king wild (kaiju, king kong, gorilla that uses a club and his fists, go full gorila in kaiju form)
- leafstorm (male treant that can shoot razor leaves and create leafstorms)
- capratyr (male satyr that uses spear and can throw seed bombs)

- horrors (kaiju, Hedorah, a blob of gray slime that can shoot poison blobs and can duplicate himslef, looks like the real Hedorah in kaiju form)
- sweet sin (female succubus that uses her claws and her "deadly kisses")
- skullbash (male dullahan taha uses spine whip and can summon explosive skulls)

- tri bolt (kaiju, Ghidorah, three headed dragon that can shoot lightning bolts and control gravity, look like real Ghidorah in kaiju form)
- tai kick (male kirin that use kang fu and chi manipulation)
- star bound (male star likie creature that throw sharp stars and can create different star constellations that give him different powers)

- void slasher (kaiju, gigan, he uses his claws and a dark laser, looks like real gigan in kaiju form)
- night stripe (male raccoon thief that uses his claws and can turn invisible)
- black hole (male gray alien that can shoot dark energy and create black holes)
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#2 Posted: 01:10:48 19/03/2017
Good so far, but Godzilla should be Fire. Replace him with Ebirah as the Water Kaiju.

Also, I recommend moving Gigan to Dark and making MechaGodzilla the Tech Kaiju.
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