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Imaginator parts max stats?
Peppins Green Sparx Gems: 423
#51 Posted: 20:26:11 06/11/2017
Just small levels like first one or undead realm for example...

Bust sometime i change because is boring xD
Android Kain Blue Sparx Gems: 558
#52 Posted: 07:21:38 29/11/2017 | Topic Creator
this seems utter ridiculous why would they allow you to be so OP'ed?
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Peppins Green Sparx Gems: 423
#53 Posted: 22:53:09 06/12/2017
Because when you play you can get double items. Double items give you more power. So many times you get them again, much power you will have. But for this you need to play and play and play...
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