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Robot Butler [CLOSED]
Carmelita Fox Diamond Sparx Gems: 9733
#1 Posted: 01:57:55 04/03/2017 | Topic Creator
I just remembered this ****in' guy — and all I can say about him is **** you, Robot Butler. You scared the soul out of me as a kid when you burst though the wall. I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOUR MILK AND COOKIES.
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2813
#2 Posted: 02:01:02 04/03/2017
Dammit, I thought this was an old surviving topic
Quote: ThefirstNapkin
You'll always be the OG Jojo fan here
Carmelita Fox Diamond Sparx Gems: 9733
#3 Posted: 02:02:23 04/03/2017 | Topic Creator
this is an exclusive thread that will be closed in 24 hours
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