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Your opinion on the "replaced" characters.
MugoUrth Ripto Gems: 3234
#1 Posted: 22:48:22 27/02/2017 | Topic Creator
Loving this game so far, but I noticed they swapped some roles. Tessa replaces Cali as the lead female, Gorm replaces Persephone as the upgrade dude, Tuk replaces Auric as the shopkeeper. ...Personally I actually like these newer characters more.

Of the main three Cali, Flynn and Hugo, Cali was by far my least favorite. Hugo had a cute, chubby design and his fear of sheep was equally cute. Flynn is a total tool, but does have his strong points and also comes off as legitimately funny as the comic relief character. Cali, for me, could be summed up in one word: YAAAAAAAAWN! Her design isn't that interesting and her personality is equally boring. Plus, she talks about how tough she is and... what exactly has she done that's memorable or even helpful? She's just a character who's along for the ride. Tessa's personality isn't much better, but in the first level she has to free animals that are locked in cages, and she basically did more in one level to save the day than Cali did in two whole games. So yeah, sorry Cali fans, but I don't miss her.

Gorm replacing Persephone... errr... yeah, good riddance. Persephone's original appearance in SSA was ugly, and while cleaned up in Giants, her personality is, in a word, nauseating. Despite being a bit kiddie-show in design, I actually kind of like Gorm's design. His personality isn't great, but basically anything else is a step up from "Hello extremely! Time for happy dance!" Plus, I have a soft spot for big ugly hippos and characters named "Gorm," mostly because of Jedite1's review of the Playstation game Criticom. "I'm gonna pick "Dayton"-a USA in the fight against... GOOOOOOOOORM!!! Sounds real terrifying, doesn't it? GOOOOOOOOORM!!!" I don't know why, I just like how Jedite1 said "GOOOOOOOOORM!!!"

Auric did have some nostalgia factor, being pretty much a polar opposite of the classic Spyro character Moneybags, but other than that I had no real attachment to him, so I don't really mind that he doesn't have much of a part in this game. Tuk, the shorter brother of "GOOOOOOOOORM!!!" admittedly isn't really all that much more likeable, but I kind of like his design too. Plus I still like hippos.

What is your opinion on the newer characters, and also any role swaps I might have missed.
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6840
#2 Posted: 23:14:29 27/02/2017
Tessa gets better in the next games, Gorm and Tuk might as well be pieces of cardboard in personality(though Persephone's only makes sense in SF3DS).
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Halvmorke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1992
#3 Posted: 00:19:24 28/02/2017
Tessa rocks. That's a fact.
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MugoUrth Ripto Gems: 3234
#4 Posted: 02:44:44 28/02/2017 | Topic Creator
Quote: Bifrost
Tessa gets better in the next games, Gorm and Tuk might as well be pieces of cardboard in personality(though Persephone's only makes sense in SF3DS).

I kind of agree. Like I said, their personality isn't great, I just don't find them as annoying as Persephone. Gorm is a nicer, slightly less narcissistic but a lot less funny Flynn and Tuk is mostly just a person who occasionally uses unusual words and there's not much else to him.
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Spellslamzer75 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1333
#5 Posted: 02:46:44 28/02/2017
Tessa is probably my favorite Skylanders NPC, I always liked her for some reason. She seems to have a lot more potential than most other NPCs in the series.

I don't really remember much about most of the other Swap Force NPCs (except Rufus and Sharpfin), since I haven't replayed Swap Force yet.
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TechSkylander15 Green Sparx Gems: 276
#6 Posted: 03:56:56 28/02/2017
Gorm's personality was mostly bragging about how muscular he was-and he wasn't really the one who gave upgrades, anyways. Would have been better to leave him out in my opinion.

Tuk's design seemed nice, but I don't remember anything about him at all.

The town crier (he doesn't really replace a direct character, but he kinda fills a role others did?) I found pretty obnoxious, mostly due to how his "Welcome back to Woodburrow" speech could never be skipped.

Tessa rules, of course-there's a reason she becomes part of the main cast.
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3025
#7 Posted: 08:04:20 28/02/2017
Tessa,s enthusiasm is infectious although it was rather sad how she fell for Flynns rubbish . I prefer her to Callie.

Auric is not a very memorable character .

I am a Persephone fan. This naughty cute capitalist fairy scamming everyones gold . I bet she could upgrade powers for free . Its a good hussle . My one problem with Swop Force was no Persephone

My answer about Gorm and Tuk probably very biased. I found them very very annoying .
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MugoUrth Ripto Gems: 3234
#8 Posted: 17:01:56 11/03/2017 | Topic Creator
I think the thing with Gorm and Tuk is that they don't get a lot of character development compared to other characters. After you fix Tuk's shop they never really say anything new compared to the other characters who say something different after every stage.
Earth-Dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 972
#9 Posted: 02:30:52 15/11/2017
I think considering the story and circumstance, it made sense some of those guys got temporarily replaced in this environ. Just like people did in Trap Team and upgrade station changed in Super Chargers.
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