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WAVE 5 contents revealed- 4/28/17
ZapNorris Emerald Sparx [online] Gems: 3630
#1 Posted: 15:06:39 04/02/2017 | Topic Creator,28973175/ TIDEPOOL,28973187/ RO-BOW ADVENTURE PACK,28973163/ BLASTER-TRON

all with a 4/28 release date.
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Dahvoo Hunter Gems: 2942
#2 Posted: 15:16:06 04/02/2017
Interesting, Ro-Bow is in an Adventure Pack. I guess a second DLC level is coming.

No mention of crystals is kind of disappointing though.
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Crash10 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1281
#3 Posted: 15:16:22 04/02/2017
W-W-What? A Ro-Bow Adventure Pack?
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omer1698 Blue Sparx Gems: 619
#4 Posted: 15:18:55 04/02/2017
gotta say to the ro bow adventure pack i did not expected. this year is just full of surprises.
KingMed Blue Sparx Gems: 757
#5 Posted: 15:19:08 04/02/2017
I was really hoping for an adventure pack with tide pool...I'm not that interested in ro-bow actually.
Overall I'm happy that they are updating the game and adding patches smilie
omer1698 Blue Sparx Gems: 619
#6 Posted: 15:21:47 04/02/2017
i dont really talk french so i uset googe play and turns out that the new pack is called TREASURE COFFRE and that it will be a physical item unlike crash and mabey wildstorm.

and it will include a magic crystal.
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Bifrost Emerald Sparx [online] Gems: 4760
#7 Posted: 15:28:25 04/02/2017
It's just an Imaginite Treasure Chest, same as the Wild Storm pack.
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omer1698 Blue Sparx Gems: 619
#8 Posted: 15:29:39 04/02/2017
oh, well then like i said full of surprises.
GinjaNinja Gold Sparx Gems: 2038
#9 Posted: 15:53:35 04/02/2017
Yay! I'm just thankful the adventure pack is in one of the senseis I want and not Blaster-Tron. This is awesome news, also because at this point all the crystals should also be out. Time to finish the collections!
fairyland Gold Sparx Gems: 2236
#10 Posted: 16:07:34 04/02/2017
Tidepool YES Finally! Water Waifu will be mine!

But another Adventure Pack? That's 5 now and only one character I really wanted (Boom Bloom.) I do not dare not buy the final two as they will probably be impossible to get later on like those Light and Dark packs for Trap Team. I also felt that Air Strike and the Crash pack would be the same way as there is no real telling this year what to avoid buying until you find them in the discount bins.

Annnd I guess Heartbreaker Buckshot is really cancelled. Drat. The one variant that I actually liked too.
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Chompy-King257 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1156
#11 Posted: 16:31:38 04/02/2017
Oh yes

my body is ready

This is kind of confirmation that we will get all the Senseis that are left. But it's different with Crystals. We will have to see with them.
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GinjaNinja Gold Sparx Gems: 2038
#12 Posted: 17:07:38 04/02/2017
Quote: Chompy-King257

Oh yes

my body is ready

This is kind of confirmation that we will get all the Senseis that are left. But it's different with Crystals. We will have to see with them.

Shhhhhhh. Have faith.
SSj3 Derek Yellow Sparx Gems: 1997
#13 Posted: 17:07:57 04/02/2017
Wonder if the Robow adventure pack will include more imaginators parts
Buuzer Hunter Gems: 2725
#14 Posted: 17:09:36 04/02/2017
[User Posted Image]
smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
Insane01 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1740
#15 Posted: 19:29:49 04/02/2017
We'll see W5 early to mid May, if on this French site labels them with a 4/28/2017 release
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Duke Spike Green Sparx Gems: 246
#16 Posted: 20:08:53 04/02/2017
I'm crossing my fingers for this to happen in April
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Wishblade Yellow Sparx Gems: 1140
#17 Posted: 20:31:05 04/02/2017
Woo! I'm excited for the next two waves. Based on the past, we usually have one epic OP character, and I've disappointingly weak character. I'm guessing RO-BOW will be a beast and Blaster Tron will be the let-down. What do you think?
Punch_Potion_X Blue Sparx Gems: 572
#18 Posted: 08:28:10 05/02/2017
This is amazing news!!!
I thought as much they would do another adventure pack. smilie

Skylanders live on!!! (for another couple of months)
Prism Break decided to make the switch, just like Grave Clobber
sky-dragon Gold Sparx Gems: 2931
#19 Posted: 10:11:36 05/02/2017
I'm pretty excited for blaster tron the most hope he come with light crystal I don't mind if he dosent
For my air spot windstorm will take the spot since I don't really like juju much.

Ro-bow. Interesting too if they make a sale during those release dates then I'll get em
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Wreckin Ball Blue Sparx Gems: 555
#20 Posted: 14:31:19 05/02/2017
Still no single pack Chompy Mage...
McMurderpaws Blue Sparx Gems: 521
#21 Posted: 17:22:44 07/02/2017
Quote: Wreckin Ball

Still no single pack Chompy Mage...

I thought the Italian site leak had that listed as part of Wave 4 in March...?
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