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Broken Game
lippyskillz Yellow Sparx Gems: 1335
#1 Posted: 20:56:23 16/11/2016 | Topic Creator
Hi All,

Just bought the PS3 version and the game was working and suddenly stopped.

I get an error with the vehicle not being recognised and eventually it asks me to recover the vehicle. The same was happening with SPitfire. I can't get past the prologue to test anything else.

Has anyone had this issue and any idea what it could be?
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Spellslamzer75 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1333
#2 Posted: 15:20:48 17/11/2016
Are you using the SuperChargers portal? I believe it's known to often have some problems. Older portals are better anyway, since they let you use Instant Spitfire and Instant Hot Streak, allowing you to play the game without figures.

If it's not the portal, then I'm not sure what it could be.
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TakeYourLemons Gold Sparx Gems: 2335
#3 Posted: 15:21:27 17/11/2016
Wow, I'm assuming you're patched up on the latest version?

Might want to investigate where your portal is relative to other A/V equipment---you might be getting interferrence that might be impacting you. Also, I'd use the Swap Force portal if you have it (assuming traps aren't required). Some of the newer portals are also weaker in strength in some areas of placement.
Wishblade Gold Sparx Gems: 2544
#4 Posted: 03:42:27 18/11/2016
Or try putting something under your portal like a game case. Mine wasn't reading some vehicles when my portal was on top of a filling cabinet.
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lippyskillz Yellow Sparx Gems: 1335
#5 Posted: 06:30:48 18/11/2016 | Topic Creator
Thanks guys. returned it and bought a ps4 copy and it works fine. Must have been a faulty portal like you guys said smilie
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