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Game breaking glitch
kardonis Emerald Sparx Gems: 3811
#1 Posted: 13:35:05 30/10/2016 | Topic Creator
So I was playing through the game, as one does, and I wanted to get 100% for whatever "secret ending" I would unlock. Unfortunately for some reason it didn't count the turret minigame egg in stormy beach.

Cool thing is, I have video proof.

At 10:20 I pick up the egg from the thief, giving me 1/2.

At 16:30 I finish the turret minigame. Which should have given me 2/2

At 16:49 I enter the map screen and it still shows 1/2 eggs.

At 21:07 I realize what happened. Both on the map screen and in the egg collection screen the turret minigame egg didn't count.

Just felt like sharing this glitch, and honestly I have no idea why or how it happened, or any way to fix it.
As the shadows fade away, we watch the new sunrise. No one fears the darkness, anymore...
DragonDog Yellow Sparx Gems: 1634
#2 Posted: 20:24:11 27/08/2017
That's a real bummer, man. :/
This website sucks omg
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