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Fixing Skylanders Superchargers: What I would have done.
HeyitsHotDog Emerald Sparx Gems: 4776
#1 Posted: 21:07:32 24/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Hey, it's me HIHD, the biggest fan of SSC on dS and I'm here to put my idea on how to fix SSC.

Main levels

As you all know, the glaring flaw of SSC is it's heavy focus on vehicles, especially in the main levels, where they interrupted the classic, combat platforming gameplay. As much as I loved SSC, I admit this is a horrible thing about the game and was WAAAAYY to prominent. Earlier today,, I thought about how SSC could have been amazing if they focused on the classic gameplay more, while encouraging use of vehicles. Here's what I think should have been done

At the start of a level, before the cutscene, you get into your land vehicle and drive to the level and then get off and the level's cutscene starts, after it ends, you go on foot and are able to explore a much more expanded version of the levels we actually have with a good amount of secrets and combat parts. The entire level either ends on foot, or with a land vehicle moment. During the adventure, you can also do sky or sea vehicle missions, which always end in a new area for you to explore thats just as fun packed and big as the previous area, when hence forth you are there until you reach the end of the level, which is shared by all 3 level routes. This gives you 3 big ass areas for you to explore and also adds good reply value as you would have to explore the level multiple times to get everything with out pushing vehicle moments in your face, not to mention it crushes the linear level design. The areas also are counted as chapters, you if you don't want to go through the sky section again, you can just go to where it leads and explore it then. This also decreases usage on the vehicles with making them pointless or worthless.

Side content

Take all of SF's content and cram it into Superchargers. Also have challenges focused on all 3 vehicle types, for people who do like vehicles. Even bonus missions that focus on both while also having bonus missions focus on combat only.


Nothing really other than Glumshank's being in the ghost train instead of him being held hostage as a prize in the level directly after his sacrifice. Alo have Flynn torn at the loss of Glumshanks instead of being a total asshole.


Keep this level but do as I said in the first paragraph and make it huge. ending with a land vehicle moment against the T-Wreaks.

Please tell me all your thoughts on this! Sorry if it's written poorly (Typed this on my phone) and if anything needs to be explained better I will explain it better to you!
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JohnnySmasher42 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1993
#2 Posted: 22:29:27 24/10/2016
This is actually great. Superchargers could've been improved in a lot of ways.
One thing I don't understand though.
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Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2583
#3 Posted: 00:16:13 25/10/2016
Nahhhhh, having to use vehicles to reach levels still sounds gimmicky and annoying, but I like how you tried to be original and try to keep them in anyways.
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