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Code exchange
Hephy Red Sparx Gems: 70
#1 Posted: 18:46:25 12/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Hi guys,
I have 4 days of playing this game and somehow it catched mesmilie
My 5 years old son told me about a skylanders app...and here i am trying to make him a much bigger universe day by daysmilie
I had some codes from some skylanders toys i bought sometime ago but, for my little ingame strategy to work, i need some 3-4 more skylanders to cover all the "branches".
I dont have skylanders at all on:

Also, i dont have the following "types":
- special( dont know his role)
-alterego( these ones are expensive so i wont request this type).

What i would deffinetely want would be some codes for:
- one air giant/mini
-one undead mini/giant.
I dont require some certain "names", just 2 at least with this characteristics. After that, if i can obtain one dark and one light would be super.

I have codes to trade for:

- water swap force: wash buckler
- fire swap force: blast zone
- earth swap force: doom stone
- life: ninja stealth elf
I have a code for a platinum sheep also but i didnt noticed one in this gamesmilie

So if anyone wants to exchange some codes, tell mesmilie
Thx in advance!
P.S.: forgot to say, now i have 8 skylanders: 1 legendary, 1 trapmaster, 3 swap force, 3 with no skill.
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