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How do i find the code for a skylander
stargazer88 Red Sparx Gems: 10
#1 Posted: 10:53:55 10/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Hi. My 6 year old son has fell in love with skylanders and has put the Lost Island game on my phone. I understand that the game is not being updated anymore, but he still wants to enjoy it whilst he can. He has superchargers on Xbox one and has brought him self rather a lot of skylanders, must second hand and come from the different games. Obviously the majority being second hand he didn't have the code come with them to put in the game. Can anyone help me with how I find the code. I have come across how he could find it on other games that he does not have by having that skylander on the portal and going into the menu but it ones not work like that on superchargers. Any help would be most grateful. Thanks.
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6752
#2 Posted: 11:18:20 10/10/2016
The code comes with the character sticker. Superchargers and Imaginators don't have codes, as Lost Islands is no longer updated.
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defpally Emerald Sparx Gems: 4025
#3 Posted: 11:55:44 10/10/2016
They got almost to the end of Trap Team before they stopped updating, they never added Gnarly Barkley, but did for the rest of Trap Team and the previous 3 games. Superchargers And Imaginators do not have codes or cards.

For earlier games I believe you can get Webcodes that will work from the character screen. Maybe try and find a copy of an older game.
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3025
#4 Posted: 12:42:14 10/10/2016
Its possible some of the webcodes for his preloved toys might be used up even if you do get an older game .
Someone did me a massive favour and shared a webcode and well I would love to pay that foward . Tell you what I will share one or two codes if you give me a piccy pasted here of his preloved landers.
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