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Drawdler's Art [CLOSED]
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#1 Posted: 02:44:02 22/09/2016 | Topic Creator


Edit 2:
  • Just changed the previous image so the buttons are a different color. I like it better, much more balanced and makes more sense.
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Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#2 Posted: 12:59:01 22/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Also reserving this post
A little late, but owell
I have way better drawings (I've posted a couple in the SaN drawing thread), but I'm focusing on quickies instead in the last couple of months and I just wanted to post stuff from recently here
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Bryman04 Gold Sparx Gems: 2116
#3 Posted: 19:42:30 25/09/2016
Here is the Stand OC Bio Hazard at your request.

[User Posted Image]

Also, Mark Hall has uploaded new video to his channel that I'm currently watching, you might enjoy them.
Wreckingball13 Gold Sparx Gems: 2583
#4 Posted: 02:23:09 26/09/2016
Yo that Cuphead you drew is amazing
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#5 Posted: 02:32:22 26/09/2016 | Topic Creator
^ Thanks. I just wish I could've gotten the lines on the actual head less wobbly. I can't believe I overlooked it while I was drawing it XD

Also I've been working on an Arsene + Akira from Persona so when that's done I'll finally have my first seriously completed thing in ages lol. I've been wanting to work on it more today, but I'm exhausted and get the feeling I'd make a bunch of mistakes I have to correct later. Arsene is tricky but very fun to draw.
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#6 Posted: 06:07:27 30/09/2016 | Topic Creator
abstractsardine once said Arsene looked like a fancy ant, and that's why I drew Antsene. I'm pretty happy with this one. Today's a chill day and I just took my time on this.
I realised I forgot to connect the leg on the right to the body but owell my "don't be a perfectionist, deal with stupid mistakes sometimes" philosophy also extends to traditional

[User Posted Image]

Ants are fun to draw, actually! When I feel like studying from references I'm gonna try to draw them and more insects again. smilie
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BlackWing116 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1480
#7 Posted: 20:09:29 02/10/2016
Your art is amazing. Do you by any teensy chance take requests?
Bryman04 Gold Sparx Gems: 2116
#8 Posted: 20:37:29 02/10/2016
Drawdler's Art is awsome.

She did take request's but they're closed now:
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#9 Posted: 01:35:20 03/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: BlackWing116
Your art is amazing. Do you by any teensy chance take requests?

Thank you. I probably won't but feel free to ask for them anyway, gives some inspiration for stuff to do and stuff for my drawing backlog.
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#10 Posted: 05:41:07 04/10/2016 | Topic Creator
I'm not coming back yet but I did this at like 3 am and colored it at like 6 am because I couldn't sleep. Figured, may as well share it. I woke up at 4 pm. Today sucks.

[User Posted Image]

Killer Queen isn't prominent enough >:I
BlackWing116 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1480
#11 Posted: 09:52:30 04/10/2016
It looks cool.

I am not sure where your qualities lay, before I request a darnhard something.
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#12 Posted: 09:59:20 04/10/2016 | Topic Creator
What do you mean? About requests, I'm picky but I'll consider them as long as they're not nude or something (it's not that such a thing is too squicky for me, I've tried drawing boobs and actually find that fun, but I've never drawn a proper nude and I'm not gonna start with requests lel). No guarantees and they'll probably just be sketches, though, I already have too much lying in my unfinished folder.

Sky Ocean

[User Posted Image]

Or Cloud Ocean? ¯|_(ツ)_/¯ Parody of this with Tidepool the Sensei.

To be honest I spent more time experimenting with lightpen and line weight than anything, so there's probably a lot of problems I can't notice or don't know how to fix at my current skill level. Like why is the linework so pixely. Also, lips too big. I'm not completely confident about the technical quality of this drawing, but the experimentation was really fun and I think it was worth it.

Also, about the colors, I'm not good with colors and didn't feel like messing around with them, so I literally just eyedropped all the colors here from my Tidepool reference (except the background, which I took from a reference of the Water Element emblem). I really should have worked on the golds more.

I actually didn't mean to finish this at first... But Jolyne is a hottie and looking at the reference picture was too fun and a nice way to let off steam yesterday. I don't think I captured the beauty of either waifu, but owell.

Anyways, I really need to buckle down and learn anatomy and such soon. And I gotta finish Arsene and Akira next. It's been killing me that I haven't, and putting it aside just makes it harder to finish...
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Bolt Emerald Sparx Gems: 4746
#13 Posted: 21:48:49 10/10/2016
wow man your stuff is really nice!!
i seriously love this newest one you've done as well, geez, the lineart is just so nice and crisp! and i love all the delicate details hhhhhhhh the shading is just so soft and lovely
man, what a nice drawing, keep it up!!!! :'D
it's no use crying over lost kittens or spilt milk
I draw stuff.
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#14 Posted: 06:31:36 11/10/2016 | Topic Creator
[User Posted Image]

I learned a lot from the last one.

And wow posting this gif reminds me I barely draw Peri. I gotta remedy that soon.
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#15 Posted: 22:31:58 23/10/2016 | Topic Creator
I know I'm double posting and I normally wouldn't post something this unexciting, but I've been low on inspiration to draw anything recently, despite Halloween. Anyway, just to remind you all of my username, here's attempting to draw a Fall leaf just to try and get an idea of how:

[User Posted Image]

And I say... Mehhhh.
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#16 Posted: 05:10:36 01/11/2016 | Topic Creator
Already shared and discussed all of this with my friends, but may as well post it here. Sketchdump of recent stuff from the last three days. I am most proud of that bigger Killer Queen with Kira's outfit and my Skysona at the bottom of that last page. Especially Killer Queen. Yes.

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]

Bonus: a page from July. Geezus wish I filled every page with so much like I used to, but I'm working on doing that again in the last couple of days and think I'm doing a good job. It's just a little hard to go back to small sketches, then I try doing biger ones again and it's disorienting, and geh.

[User Posted Image]

I don't do that gradient lineart practice anymore, because I did it with the pencil laying on the side and it seems when I try to do gradient that way, it doesn't turn out well. I still practice line values/tones though.
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#17 Posted: 03:45:31 07/12/2016 | Topic Creator
Have a Buckshot.
I need to finish Arsense.
I haven't been drawing nearly as much as I should.
I should study anatomy.

[User Posted Image]
Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2308
#18 Posted: 13:58:12 11/12/2016 | Topic Creator
Welp, I decided to close this because
1) This part of the site is dead, Skylanders section doesn't seem to talk about fanart and I don't even wanna lurk SaN (but even there, the drawing thread only gets bumped something like once a month)... darkSpyro ain't an art site.
2) I rarely feel I have anything worth posting.
3) I don't know if even my friends check this topic, I link them to the better art I make anyways, and nobody comments on here.
4) Signature space.
5) It's 1 AM and I feel dramatic. But seriously I've been thinking about this for a while and can't really see any reason to keep this open, since I'm not active on this section, there's barely anything on it, I've barely ever talked to the people here in years and I've barely gotten a thing out of it since making this topic.
If you still wanna see my art, I just post a bit on my Imgur account, but that's really it. I'd love to actually talk about art if anyone wants to message/guestbook me about it, but I'm done posting here.
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