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The Legends of Imaginators
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 11114
#1 Posted: 23:34:49 17/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Toys R Us have posted the first of their new exclusive Legendary Skylanders for Skylanders Imaginators and it's a Legendary Tri-Tip.

[User Posted Image][User Posted Image]

Sporting a new red and gold colour scheme compared to the blue and gold Legendaries of the previous games, Legendary Tri-Tip will be released at launch. His regular edition is part of Wave 2 which is expected to also be released at or near to launch but perhaps in more limited quantities or only at specific stores to begin with.

Another new look Legendary being produced for Imaginators is Legendary Pit Boss, an Undead Sorcerer. He was accidentally revealed by the official website earlier in the week when they unveiled his regular edition.

[User Posted Image]

It is not yet known when this guy will be released.

Thanks to preciousawaken for spotting the Tri-Tip listing.
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sunburnninja Yellow Sparx Gems: 1080
#2 Posted: 01:02:43 18/09/2016
I love the original legendary color but this isnt half bad
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Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2672
#3 Posted: 04:24:18 18/09/2016
Yes I can get him Day One is Australia
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Iblistech Emerald Sparx Gems: 4631
#4 Posted: 04:26:05 18/09/2016
They look awesome! I'll get Legendary Tri-Tip and maybe Legendary Pit Boss, or both.
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Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4281
#5 Posted: 05:17:58 18/09/2016
I wonder if there is any explanation of the Senseis being red and gold instead of dark blue and gold.
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Drawdler Gold Sparx Gems: 2876
#6 Posted: 11:11:51 18/09/2016
"It is not yet known when this guy will be released."

This is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen you post. XD
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Ghostprime1234 Green Sparx Gems: 316
#7 Posted: 21:00:43 24/09/2016
I'd don't think I liked the previous color scheme for the previous legendary skylanders. It looks good on Tri-Tip but not sure about Pit Boss
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