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my first spyro game before i knew what a spyro was
Ethanator611 Blue Sparx Gems: 514
#1 Posted: 23:44:38 08/09/2016 | Topic Creator
it turns out that i have played this game a long time ago i could not remember the name of the game even the spyro part so when i finally remembered that i have seen this purple dragon somewhere before on a gba game i when though all the gba spyro games until i found it and it turns out to be this one i remember not knowing what to do at all sense i knew nothing about the premise of the game itself and what i need to do to beat it so i was just roaming around in the hub world and the three area that you could go to at that point without getting any fairys specifically the autumn fairy world, Lava Prairie, mermaid Coast, and Ant Farm
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