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A Few New Skylanders and Villains
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 10877
#1 Posted: 19:43:16 16/07/2016 | Topic Creator
The latest edition of the Argos catalogue has included advance listings for several previously unannounced Skylanders from Skylanders Imaginators.

They include an Earth Sentinel named Barbella, an Undead Smasher called Chopscotch, as well as two returning villains: the Tech Quickshot "Dr. Krankcase" and the elementally realigned Fire Ninja "Tae Kwon Crow".

[User Posted Image]

And a few days ago there was an official reveal at the "Sweet Suite 16" event in New York City where they showed off another elementally realigned returning villain, the now Dark Sentinel "Hood Sickle".
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MrsSpyro01 Blue Sparx Gems: 887
#2 Posted: 22:05:17 16/07/2016
I'm kind of interested in Chopscotch myself.
omer1698 Gold Sparx Gems: 2108
#3 Posted: 09:53:26 17/07/2016
i dont know what geander is chopschotch, but it is so cute that i dont care
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PopFizzMagic Yellow Sparx Gems: 1197
#4 Posted: 14:52:19 17/07/2016
when you thunk trigger snappy was the shortest skylander.... smh
Wreckin Ball Blue Sparx Gems: 600
#5 Posted: 17:06:02 17/07/2016
smilie's figure is my favorite so far!
Greeble Emerald Sparx Gems: 3249
#6 Posted: 17:51:25 17/07/2016
Chopscotch looks quite amusing.

A tiny Skylander with such a large weapon.

It's like Short Cut all over again lol.
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Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2433
#7 Posted: 19:18:48 17/07/2016
Something new for Undead, thats for sure.

Wasn't expecting Tae, but really happy hes back, and Barbella is interesting too!
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TheToyNerd Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#8 Posted: 19:21:23 17/07/2016
Ehhhhh... I'm not feeling Barbella or Tae Kwon Crow. It's good for people who liked him, but I REALLY wanted Chef Pepper Jack.
PopFizzMagic Yellow Sparx Gems: 1197
#9 Posted: 20:34:18 17/07/2016
a short undead ginmmicklander that holds a huge sharp weapon...
haven't seen that b4
Insane01 Gold Sparx Gems: 2038
#10 Posted: 01:55:35 18/07/2016
chop scotch reminds of a new version of a Teddy Roosevelt quote,
" Speak softly but carry a big axe."
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TaeKwonCrow Green Sparx Gems: 233
#11 Posted: 03:49:29 20/07/2016
I can not believe Tae made it! #freakingout
*looks up at icon*
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