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Ember was stolen!
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#1 Posted: 15:21:58 18/04/2016 | Topic Creator
I'm just kidding, of course.
"Ember" as a name for a dragon would be fairly common.

The show "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" has an episode where a new dragon lord was chosen, and the winner was a small dragon female named "Ember."
But that's the ONLY resemblance to "our" Ember.

This Ember is feisty, smart, bipedal and bluish-green.
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#2 Posted: 16:09:16 18/04/2016
So blue Cynder?

The horns are pretty similar though, white and in spirals making a curve, though this Ember's go up.
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#3 Posted: 16:35:21 18/04/2016
so random smilie
Furry trash tho
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#4 Posted: 17:19:36 18/04/2016
Quote: Bifrost
So blue Cynder?

More or less. It was a great episode though smilie
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