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Fire Bone Hot Dog [CLOSED]
4inCreation Gold Sparx Gems: 2941
#1 Posted: 06:55:29 03/03/2016 | Topic Creator
I was just skimming through ebay and found this:

They have some other figures too, but I was really surprised to see FBHD so cheap!
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The Bone Chompy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1189
#2 Posted: 16:13:33 03/03/2016
Holy...I don't even want it but I'm getting it, especially after seeing those other prices!
^This might be sarcasm.
4inCreation Gold Sparx Gems: 2941
#3 Posted: 04:07:25 09/03/2016 | Topic Creator
They just doubled the price. It was $4.99, but now its $9.99. Even that is still a good deal.
Wishblade Gold Sparx Gems: 2532
#4 Posted: 02:33:41 04/04/2016
Oh... it's $12.99 now. What the heck? I saw one at Second and Charles for $3.00. You also might want to wait until you catch one used at GameStop.
Any last wishes?
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