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Favourite icy themed level in Spyro 1-3?
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we need to welcome this game's death [CLOSED]
Sleepy0429 Gold Sparx Gems: 2716
#1 Posted: 14:59:22 17/12/2015 | Topic Creator
i accept it.
>TFW not emerald
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3025
#2 Posted: 14:01:39 18/12/2015
Well first off its a free App and Skylanders franchise advertising tool . No one owes us anything .

Secondly 99 percent of games we played never had this concept of 'Daily updates/quests" except for the odd patch and expansion .

Thirdly . Go play Simpsons Tapped Out if this is really so intolerable but understand things like daily updates and quests and extra content only survive on consumers paying real money for fake currency . Hard working Programmers like their end of the month paycheck too .

Did you donate any real money or buy toys and help give them a reason to keep chugging out content , quests and updates ?

Anyone who has never played this Skylander game before will have loads of fun so the rumours of death are highly exaggerated .
Hey Skylander your health is low and we have a chainsaw
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6752
#3 Posted: 14:44:52 18/12/2015
Yeah, it's a different case from Universe and Battlegrounds because this game *can* survive forever, so the forum can stay open for as long as it's downloadable. But the community for it is very much dead :I
I do art!
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