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Favourite icy themed level in Spyro 1-3?
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Traptanium [CLOSED]
Ndfox Yellow Sparx Gems: 1225
#1 Posted: 21:31:26 23/11/2015 | Topic Creator
Does buzzer beak summon more Traptanium? Or just sheep, bats and trolls? I need more Traptanium!
mxmas in activate, kids ndfox in activate
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3025
#2 Posted: 22:49:37 23/11/2015
I dont believe Beaky does that . Your best chance is just clear some space and hope Traptanium grows there . Keep checking your islands often .
Hey Skylander your health is low and we have a chainsaw
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