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Sesshomaru75 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5530
#2201 Posted: 20:16:31 15/05/2019 | Topic Creator
I don't know if I've posted about this before or not, but I personally think that Capcom should remake the first two Devil May Cry games like how they remade Resident Evil 2 recently.
(And like how they also appear to be remaking Resident Evil 3, based off of some of their recent teases)

- - -

The original Devil May Cry is still good for what it is, but it's showing its age in a lot of areas.
It could obviously benefit from the visual upgrade alone, but certain mechanics could benefit from a remake as well. (Like the lack of a mission select option, and other things of that nature)

They could also slightly alter the story to reflect the events of Devil May Cry 3, since it's a prequel to the first game. (And also allude to other events that took place before the first game that we learned about in later titles, if necessary)

- - -

Now with Devil May Cry 2 it would need a lot more than just a visual and mechanical upgrade with a few minor tweaks to its story, as it would essentially require a massive overhaul in most (If not all) departments.

I know that some people think that as a result Capcom shouldn't bother doing so, but personally I feel that DMC2 offered some interesting ideas (i.e Argosax, Bolverk, etc.) that were great in concept and deserve more love than what they got.
DMC2 also ironically introduced a good few staples of the series (Such as the Bloody Palace), which I find interesting as most people seem to forget about that.

It's also obvious that, despite a majority of the fandom wanting it to be retconned to this day, Capcom is still willing to acknowledge it at least in some (Albeit minor) capacity.
This is made evident with the story finally moving past DMC2 in the timeline rather than continuously putting it at the end of it like they were doing, and referencing it heavily within the prequel novel to DMC5. (Which is canon, mind you)

If anything it'd be a "reimagining" type of remake, akin to what Ratchet & Clank 2016 and the Final Fantasy VII remake are. (Which I'm pretty sure that the Resident Evil 2 remake is as well anyways smilie)

- - -

I wouldn't be opposed to them remaking Devil May Cry 3 as well, since they might as well remake it too if they ever end up remaking the first two games while they're at it.
That said, DMC3 really only needs a visual upgrade and not much else if it were to get a remake, so I don't see a remake of the game being as necessary.
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Vespi Blue Sparx Gems: 925
#2202 Posted: 02:21:31 16/05/2019
Big thoughts dump of mostly FE unpopular opinions but here we go
- - -

I really haven't cared about recent Fire Emblem games, and I think that's because they handed the franchise over to the Echoes director, and I thought the gameplay in Echoes was god awful. The map design was the worst I've ever seen, minibosses like Nuibaba were far too difficult, and Gaiden is arguably the worst possible game for future games to emulate.
I also just want amiibo support, but beyond "scan and get 1 low level useless item per day" like Warriors, I want something similar to Fates, but I'd also settle for what we had in Echoes.
- - -

Binding Blade doesn't need a remake. It (and Mother 3) just need translations, since the GBA format of each still work well and aren't too dated. The FE game that needs a straight up remake akin to Echoes is Genealogy of the Holy War, but bundled with Thracia 776 since they're so intertwined. GotHW has not held up very well, and could use a top down makeover and better map design, while Binding Blade is pretty much fine as is.
- - -

I don't mind P5S being a "Persona Warriors" game, but that's probably just my bias, seeing as I like a lot of the Warriors spinoffs. I also think it was needed in a way, with what seems like the death of the Q subseries, we needed a spinoff that wasn't another fighting or dancing game. Since it has such a unique story, if we're lucky, we might get some of the P3 and P4 characters as well. I'm betting on at least Aigis and Labrys as a lock.
- - -

The updates don't absolve EA of any Crimes Against Gamers, but Star Wars Battlefront II is a legitimately good game in its current state.
- -

A ranked competitive mode is the very last thing Mario Maker 2 needed and sets a really dangerous precedent for future Mario games.
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